Saturday, February 05, 2011

Medaeval Torture Or Bra Shopping Part 6

Wow I had a fairly sucessful afternoon of bra shopping this week. I have posted about the hell of bra shopping here a few times... Quite a few of you know exactly what I mean... No sales help, crazy sizing, unflattering lighting, bulges, sags, complete lack of decent bra design, overheating in the store with winter coats etc etc. That's just a sample. Well I found two pretty good bras. Whoo hoo! And tonight I adjusted the straps to fit just right. Then I sewed them into place so they don't slip and stay at the right length for shoulders. It's a good day.



Lee said...

What a great idea to sew the straps in place!

Candy Minx said...

Lee, lol, its one of the few things I have to offer to the human race. Its takes a few minutes but a bra will fit so much better!