Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snowed In And Making Plans

Here I am sitting on the couch at grandmas typing in my phone to blog. National guard says stay inside. I had the best sleep last night because all the flights were cancelled and the crazy loud winds put me to sleep. Looks like there is a couple feet of snow out there and the car is almost completely buried.

We made a whole new plan for the next few weeks. Used the calendar and wrote a lot of notes. We needed to come up with a vision and so we did. We are setting it in motion next week. I won't tell you what it right now but will start to blog about it on valentines day. I will tell you this we have set aside some money for rent but we don't plan on moving until sometime at end of April. It's a big crazy plan. In the meantime I'll still check in here with some blog posts including topics about citizen 13, kayne west, and rza. Cheers for now.

Ps I didn't buy any groceries this week because we thought we were going to Montreal but the storm and a couple other things got in the way so we didn't have much food here for the storm lol! Except what I had put in the freezer!

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tweetey30 said...

It was windy and stuff last night and ok on my way home last night.. Its been a rough week here already. No trips anytime soon until my hours pick back up.I havent posted about this yet and not sure if I will.