Friday, February 22, 2008

Cell Phone Photos

Seriously? Um...anyways weird shampoo...Regular visitors to this blog will know that I usually post tons of pictures I take...our camera hasn't worked for a few weeks...and so I've been using my cell phone for odds and ends. It's just taken about 3 hours to tidy up my cell phone files, the desktop here and my photos...some of them I wasn't able to get together to put in this post. Here are a few pics that were kicking around.

Mister Anchovy and Tuffy P...okay, this wasn't taken with my cell phone it just showed up around here so I added it completely out of context. This photo was taken on Bourbon Street.

A house we walk by all the time...this occassion with a giant dog on the balcony...

Stagg having a soda at our friends hotel room...see below...

Our friend Andrew was in town on business from Connecticut. We are having drinks at his hotel room. Earlier we ate at a delicious steak joint called Kinzie Chophouse.

I was going to write about cooking a perfect roast chicken...but forgot...I love cooking chicken though, this guy is an organic free range from Whole Foods...all you need is butter, garlic and fresh herbs.


Anonymous said...

I love the colour balance in the chicken photo.

Gardenia said...

oooowah! the chicken looks soooooo good.

I've not take so many photos lately either - my new camera is endlessly time consuming to get the photos on the computer and post them....I have to get busy.