Thursday, February 21, 2008

Final 5 Designers Project Runway Season 4

The season's finale hasn't aired yet...and while looking for a funny Project Runway montage...I found a leaked tape of the final designs...based on the little we see in this video..I think Jillian will probably win. I love all the designers in the final 3-5 but her designs really seem the strongest and most personal.



And finally we have a stylish squashed duck on her head. This is the road kill look..... ;-)

Martha Elaine Belden said...

i have loved this season of project runway! but if i hear christian say "so fierce" one more time... aaahhhh!

hahahaha :)

Gardenia said...

I missed this session I think - Jillian did bloom in this one - but then they all did - Did you see the one I saw today where they designed for female wrestlers - it was funny - Chris and "Fierce" came up with great outfits...don't know if you could wrestle in them - but very sexy and well done from concept to finished product.