Monday, July 03, 2006

ADVICE: The Doctor Is in

Yes, I'm aware there is a movie called Dr. Minx. In fact I own it. A silly soft porn movie.

I am going to busk. I was going to busk on the street last summer but I chickened out.

My idea is to set up a spot for busking and have a sign and a donations hat for ADVICE.

Any kind of advice. I figure that if I post here about it it will pimp me into actually doing it this summer. I am going out next Saturday morning to start.

So...I feel like I might practice here and get the juices can ask me personal questions if you like about me. I will try my best to answer them. But not too crazy, like how much sex do I have. Actually I will address this idea in good faith. I believe in having sex every day. Yes, every day. Does it mean I accomplish this, no...but I believe in it. I think it's healthy and important as food and nutrition and excercise and meditation. In an attempt to avoid answering questions about myself I shall give another insight into my life. I was born on an army base in Canada, I like long walks in the rain and horseback riding. I hate shopping drink beer and don't like to talk about my feelings. Yes, I should have been born a man.

But what I'd really like is to open up the idea of giving advice so I can practice for my new busking career, heh heh.

Ask me anything. Investment options, child care wisdoms or follies, sex info, how to ride a motorcycle, how to decorate ones rooms, how to get along with co-workers what is the meaning of existence...?

I don't know surprise me.

(I completely will answer anonymous posts here, I think that is totally fine under the circumstances of protecting privacy and getting some cool questions)

p.s. I was inspired to try this by my friend Sean who made a request for blog topics today. My creditials for this project you ask? I am an extremely opinionated person who thinks they know it all. Double dog dare ya to test me.


mister anchovy said...

Hi from Halifax... the show is up and ready to go. Sheila's coming to town in the morning, and the opening is tomorrow afternoon. cheers, mister anchovy

Candy Minx said...

Ah that's great you got online. Congratulations on the openin, I hope you have lots of fun and sell some paintings! What, you don't have any questions for me Mister Anchovy? I plan on busking right near where you busk next Saturday!

thehealingroom said...

I have a question for you Candy!

How do I create a section on my blog to put websites that I like to visit.
I know how to put links to other blogs in the link section.
But how do I create a secton for links to websites?

thanks, J.

Anonymous said...

How come I'm not rich?

Anonymous said...

What can I do to stop being a sports widow?

Anonymous said...

Do you think that sometimes concern that grows into worry can be helpful?

Red said...

Great idea, Candy! Now let's see...

Should I start a pension plan or hope that I'll be rich/self-sufficient/gone by the time I'm too old to earn a living?

Pie said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, questions, so many questions.

What is your first thought in the morning?

Oooh, ooh, ooh, can I ask another?

Apart from that.

Have you ever had a funny word appear on that word verification thing with random letters?

Candy Minx said...

All right let's see...I'll start with J,

you make a link for a web site the same way you do for a blog. You may want to put your web sites that you reference in a separate category. also, you may want to e-mail the websites you like and ask them to start a blog!

Anonymous #1...How come you aren't rich? Weeeelll...

What we desire most moves away from us. It is like this with love too. So many people ask me, how do I find true love? Find true love within you first. A needy love starved person scares potential lovers away. A money desperate person scares investors away too.Same with riches. Find the riches you have and offer them to the world. On the other hand...maybe you are a person who did not put money first, but rather others, and your hobbies or past times. Maybe you care more about your emotional life and social life than you did about money. That is fne...but it is best to be balanced. I suspect you are an artist or creative compassionate person. They often get short shift finacially. Now it's time to take care of your self. List your passions and obsess about them and the money will come. But I have a funny feeling you are doing just fine, maybe not rich, but a seeker at heart.

Anonymous #2

One night my friend R compalined she was going to cancel cable because all her husband did with his time is watch sports. I asked why did she care what he did with his spare time. Too many married couples have the illusion that they are responsible for the moral and spiritual well being of their spouse. Another persons spiritual path is none of our business, even our spouses spiritual path. If he or she wants to sit around and stare at the ceiling or a bunch of sweaty boys running around...ignore it. go to your sewing room. go to your book club. Keep your focus on your own goals. Trust me that will inspire a souse. They are just like little kids, they don't want to miss anything.

I understand that it must be very frustrating to watch someone slack around. I think these are mostly phases people go through and being addicted to sports entertainment is a kind of escape for boedom. Keep being your exciting self and they will want to join the party.

Back to my friend R. We had some beer and put on the hockey game while we discussed this trouble of her sorty husband. We talked like this here. Her husband was a t work. Then I left...when he came home, he saw her on the couch with the hockey game on and empty beer bottles. he said, "oh my god, I've never been more turned on!" they have two beautiful boys now and he has an art studio and new house and they lived happily ever after.

Red and Pie...let me take a minute to ponder and I'll be back this afternoon.

Much love,

Candy Minx said...

Pie, the first thought that appears in my head in the morning?


Yes, you can ask another, all the questions you like, Pie.

Funny letters and words appear on the word verification? Yes...once it said "handbook to soviet foreign policy since world war I"

And besides that all of the word verifcations are strange. I have dyslexia. I am constantly challenged by the word verifications...I often have to reenter the letters over and over and over. It's a nightmare.

Red, about retirement funds. The mayan calendar is coming to a portentious time frame by 2012. The Mayans believe we have options...either to reconcile our communications as a population and learn to resolve conflicts and finacial stresses peacefully or the opposite and our time will run out. Do I believe the world or human population will superimplode like an event horizn? No, but then some people think I live in Xanadu.

I think real estate and offshore banking is the ideal way to play with big money. But I also think most of our governments would be fools to mess with our retirement funds and start to charge us taxes when we spend it when we are retired. I feel sure peopel would take up arms if governemnt breached that honour for the time being, I believe programs like government protected retirement savings bonds in Canada, America and the United Kingdom are an okay thing.

I can't save money but I greatly admire those who can. So, if you start buying little remote farm houses in France, cook up some fancy Antiqua banking, and load up on savings you will be greatly admired by me. and then of course, another beautiful way to make money disappear is by buying art. If you start buying art girl you will be the wind beneath my wings.

Love and martinis

thehealingroom said...

thanks Candy,
To be really do I make the separate category?
Thats what I want to know.

ps. its funny how one question tends to lead into others.......

Red said...

Thanks, Candy.

Funnily enough, we have been flirting with the idea of investing in property for a while now... The portentous events of 2012 might just give us the push we need!


Sean Perkey said... My creditials for this project you ask? I am an extremely opinionated person who thinks they know it all. Double dog dare ya to test me.

that's funny! lol!