Saturday, July 15, 2006


What a sexy boutique huh?

George talking to representative about wheels.

I'm gonna have to post two lists of 20 Comments this week to catch up.

Um, I blend. Not. This is one of the places I've been stopping by to catch up on e-mail and blogging. I swear like a pirate, but these kids in this internet cafe make me look like Dakota Fanning.


Red said...

Yeah, yeah, sexy boutique, but I've got my eye on Yung Sing Pastry Shop... mmm... Chinese cakes are phenomenal!

Welcome back, Candy. Missed you! But I am very glad to hear that your friend is over the worst and looking forward to her future sans that poor excuse for a man.

mister anchovy said...

seeing that photo of yung sing's makes me crave one of their super-delicioso pork buns. yum


Fat Fiz in his new guise will see this. Scooters! Yer'll have made his day.

me said...

scooters AND cakes!!!!

i would have died!