Monday, July 10, 2006

Checking In...

Hi...haven't had time or capability to check in. Still in Canada. So I have some photos but won't post them till tomorrow morning. One of my dear friends got dumped last week. We pulled the forces together. Three to six women with her at any given moment. She was ten years into her relationship. He said" I've been with you ten years, I don't want to be with you another ten. " Ouch. Actually...there was another woman. Somebody they work with. Office affair. We put our friend the dumpee in hiding. So she has pulled away. She is a remarkable woman (would I hang with anyone who wasn't remarkable? Of course not. I hate being part of a bad scene) Chocolate, wine, beer, cigarettes, ice cream, swimming pools, late night talking, philosophy, what do you want out of life, how do we ship your stuff to a new city where you have several job get the drift. She'll be fine. She'll be better than fine in a couple months.We are an organic vibrant machine of love and community. The chicks. You'll beat this. This too shall pass. Avoid the workspace. Be strong.

That's where I've been for most of the last few days.

My friends from Sweden are in town. We went to a swish art opening for Andy Warhol's retrospective of his most incredible intuitive powerful years 1962-1964. The same tour I wrote about that hit Chicago. David Cronenberg was the curator and he made a cd narrating a perspective and insightful view of these paintings for the Art Gallery Of Ontario. That's right. I MET DAVID CRONENBERG! He has been an inspiration and force in my life of film making and art making for so many years it's silly. He seems charming and funny. I wanted to gush over him and tell him what a fan I have been and how I love his my ten year old daughter gave me "DEAD RINGERS" for xmas one year. Thats some funny shit. (funny is a way that only a gothpunk mother sees as does my daughter need therapy now from her odd dark childhood of the macabre?) But someone else was already that guy...and I so didn't want to be that nerd fan. So I was gracious. An art administrator at the Art Gallery of Ontario introduced me as the "amazing Candy Minx" I said, "we liked your speech the best, it was short" (I know I am an idiot, but I think I'm funny...I shouldn't go out in public) I didn't even ask for a photo together. People were lined up for photos. I felt shy. And the scary obsessive fan put me in place and showed me context ha ha.

But the show: Andy Warhol/Supernova was stunning. There were six paintings that weren't in the Chicago show. Mindblowing. I will get some photos here later. It was a high for me to even be in the same room as Cronenberg.

The art gallery had brought a famous blogger, the worlds most popular blogger to the opening. I have no idea who he is he was at the bar when I was so I gave him one of my blog art post cards. I still don't remember his name. What a goof.

So, just checking in...enjoyed the soccer game. We watched it with a couple offamilies, the Swedes are soccer nuts. then we walked along College Street Little Italy of Toronto where the cops shut down the streets and ten thousand fans flooded the area.

My technorati rating is now 81,454.

Hello, and later.



Give your mate a hug from England. Shitty thing to happen. 10 years is a long time. His loss I reckon. x

Candy Minx said...

I swear to god it is. I'll post a fucking picture of her...she is a brilliant councellor and performer(she's a therapist and a circus performer...NOW THAT IS CARPE DIEM!) you will be amazed. I used to work in a bar where she would come in and every guy would go nuts: a common observances "world class ass" and "magnificent butt". And I know that means a lot to guys ha ha!

thehealingroom said...

You're friend is lucky to have such a team of support.
The Warhol exhibit sounds heavenly, I can't believe you didn't get a photo of you and Cronenberg for your blog!!!
What about your audience!!!

peace and love,J.

Candy Minx said...

I know, I was going to honestly...but there were a lot of people wanting to talk to him. I just kind of thought I should give him a break. Besides, it's so embarassing to be a nerd. (I haven't finished reviewing my pics yet and he might be in one of them...hee hee)

Candy Minx said...

The brochure for the exhibit is really good. Apparently Warhol called Cronenbergs "Videodrome" the "Clockwork Orange of the 80's".

More on this and the show later.


rauf said...

Ten years is a long time, its sad for woman who spend the best years of their lives only to be dumped

Why do you take any kind of rating seriously Candy ?

* (asterisk) said...

"would I hang with anyone who wasn't remarkable? Of course not. I hate being part of a bad scene"

Genius, Candy. Pure gold! You should use that as a subtitle for your blog.

I've never really got into Cronenberg, but I do find him interesting and loved the book Cronenberg on Cronenberg. Can't believe you missed the photo op, though.

And world's most famous blogger...? Isn't that you?

Sorry 'bout yer mate. Glad you're back.

Red said...

Hey Candy, hope you enjoyed the match! Toronto's Little Italy must have been quite a joyous place to be on Sunday night.

I got goosebumps reading about your friend. What a callous thing to say to anyone. She sounds like she's got a wonderful network of friends and I have no doubt that she will be fine. Greetings and a hug to her from this gal across the Pond.

I remember loving Dead Ringers when it first came out at the cinema... but would I like it now? Who knows? Might have to dig through the videos in the cellar and see if we have it in our collection and give it another go.

Candy Minx said...

Red, I will pass your hug to my friend. she will love it.

Yes, maybe some of the special effects in Cronenbergs movies might not hold up...I think that might be the trick. But he isn't really a "trendy" film maker he works outside the ssytem and with unique quirky characters that always will be that way and the themes of eXistenZ seem more pertinent today than well as Videodrome and The Dead Zone and History of Violence. They add up I believe.

Little Italy was a delight, true.

Asterisk, great to be back. That is an awesome book Cronenberg on Cronenberg. He is difficult for a lot of people, his movies that is...weird, spacey earthy, alternative and dark. DARK.

Rauf, I hope I can make it clear I am not actually concerned about ranking. Not personally. Not really. But Guy Kawasaki is concerned with HIS rank...and I really felt like teasing him. In my peabrain, I think it's funny the idea of a gal just from nowhere not famous, not connected saying she is going to beat him to technorati top ten FIRST. I like a little not violent competition. I think it's funny. But really, my pleasure in blogging can not be ranked. It is intangible and happy and challenging and super fun! Meeting someone like you Rauf accentuates the positive!

fifipoo07 said...

I have one thing to say about the guy and it's not very original just an emotional reaction.


I hope he gets the same thing done to him....

Good for your friend that you are all there for her.

Marc André Bélanger said...

I wanted to see that exhibition ever since I heard about it last year. The mere thought of Cronenberg working on Warhole!

As for your friend, that's one shitty thing to do, and to say. Send her my hug. I know how she must be feeling. That's a time where you find out what marvelous support you're friends can be.