Monday, July 17, 2006

Careful what you wish for...

As you know, I've been having some fun trying to beat business guru Guy Kawasaki to the top ten in technorati ranking game. I wished for links, because it's all about the links baby! I have been linked by some peoples blogs who I feel are dead wrong in their ethics. This came as a great shock to me.

I wanted success at my competition and success I have been getting. So successful in fact that I have been linked by certain blogs and websites that I would perhaps rather not be. Please be advised that I would rather not be associated with any racist blogs, or those that preach bigotry in any form. My presence as a link on their sites is an unfortunate side effect of my Kawasaki competition at technorati. And, we can't control how our ideas may be used by others, that is a risk within a democratic structure like the internet. I can take a stand though.

I am in the process of making comments regarding the racist and prejudicial opinions on some of these blogs, along with a request that I be removed from their blogroll.

I feel racism and hate is dead wrong.

I believe we need to talk to the very people we most fear and judge in order to understand each other and to learn to at least tolerate our different opinions.

I believe in free speech and that everyone is entitled to their opinion...but in the words of Woody Allen, the lamb will lie down with the lion, but the lamb won't get much sleep. I am vigilant in my rejection of racism, agism, prejudice and hate.

Especailly with the headlines of war, the crisis in the middle east, and hate crimes even in free countries I feel it's especially important to take a stand for peaceful conflict resolution, understanding and at the very least tolerance.

With prayers and meditations heading from my heart to the middle east we need to take a stand and not allow the residents to play out their own horrors and resentments. Perhpas no one should live in the middle east.

We wouldn't allow little toddlers to act the way we allow the middle east to act. We teach our toddlers about time-out.

It's high time we turn the whole fertile crescent into Time Out International Park. No one can live there any more. Militia will be the Park Rangers, with 50 dollars U. S. and a passport and complete search of your bags and may go visit Mecca.

Fertile Crescent? Your priveledges have been revoked. You are grounded. You may come and live in Canada where we play card games, allow gays to marry, have medical coverage based on income, hockey, beautiful beer, cold winters and hot summers. You will learn to love the leaf of peacekeeping on our flag. You are not allowed to fight but rather debate. And play sports. Sports is the marriage of art and war. Technorati Ranking is the new black. My joyful teasing of Guy Kawasaki's desire to be top ten rank in technorati is a metaphor to me about how to fight. Fight with art. Not the art of war.

Fertile Crescent? You will be returned to Nature: Time Out International Park.

Or else? Go fuck yourselves, you're worse than a toddler without a caregiver! You should be ashamed.

There is only one race. The human race. Every other concept of race is socially constructed based on superficial adaptations to environment.

You are fighting over something that doesn't even exist you idiots.

Tired of moving stones?

Walk away.


fifipoo07 said...

Hey Candy, it's always a hard one isn't it. In the interests of free speech I have a couple on my roll whose political views are rightwing. In no way do I agree with what they are saying. I put them there as I believed that to know your arguement you have to know the opposite as well. I still believe that, but when I can get the same viewpoint from fox news why do I need them? So I'm going to remove them in the next day or so. I actually have a vid from youtube on my blog, it's the newest post that ties in with some of what you are saying so your comments would be appreciated. Pippa

The Editor said...

My advice, for what its worth, is; read Sam Harris.

Red said...

You could also look at it the other way, though, Candy. The bigots who regularly read the blogs to which you object (but to which you are linked) might get a fresh perspective on many issue that, for them, have always been cut and dried.

Long shot, I know, but if those people have linked you in the first place, they must share/approve of/agree with some of your views, no? Or maybe not... What do I know? Where's that advice stall when you need it?!

Red said...

Oh, by the way: you really sold Canada to me! Since we are in perpetual disagreement with our government's policies, we have been thinking about our next move (well, I have, anyway!), and I would 100% consider emigrating to Canada. You make it sound like a truly wonderful place.

Candy Minx said...

Pippa, I'll be over there in a sec. right wing is one thing. Racism is a very different thing, right? I have links to business and marketing blogs...and on the surface I may not agree with capitalism or the quick sell or some marketing tactics...but that too is a far cry from racism.

Red, you're right, I shouldn't worry about it and what if someone did stop by my blog and get a different view!

the Ed, I will check out Sam Harris, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Red. It really can't hurt anything, and it might possibly help. Even if only one teenager (for the old ones are probably too far gone) frequenter of those sites clicks on your link and is forced to question what he/she has taken for granted, well that could be HUGE.

I remember when the rapper Easy E (of NWA fame) gave a large ($50K I think?) donation to the Republican party and in return received an invitation to a fund raiser where President Reagan was in attendance. Even if his presence didn't "convert" anyone's thinking, just think of how cool it must have found to have crashed the insulated party.

Just think of those links to your sites as party crashers. There's nothing more fun than crashing a party AND having been invited to do so. That's pretty cool!

Candy Minx said...

Yes, all afternoon I have been thinking about this Overworm...and I thank you Red and Asterisk for helping consider this situation and I have had a full turn of heart about it. I even kind of went back to a site and asked some questions.

i'm beginning to think maybe one of them wasn't that weird afterall...and it's just some of the wording. After all I come off a bit negative when I am down on totalitarian agriculture and maybe I sound like an extermemist even though I consider myself rather conservative...thats with a small "c" folks not capital "C".

Thanks for the input all!