Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sean's Portrait Continued...

These are some of the hand painted postcards I make with my blog address on the other side. I use cereal boxes or old packaging but I especially like the "business reply" cards found inside magazines for starting subscriptions.

Since I'm not ina studio space I am scrunched on the floor at times gluing and painting. I did tape this up to the wall eventually and put a large plastic bag under it to catch drippy paint. I love drippy paint. Sean is the subject of this painting and he is fundraising for diabetes Foundation and awareness. He is going to aim to lose weight and fundraise.

Asterisk is gonna wanna know what movie dvds those are of mine. The Thin Man, Tank Girl, The Wizard of Oz, The Rundown, Patton, The Thomas Crowne Affair, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Tigerland, Men With Brooms and Signs.


fifipoo07 said...

Looking great Candy! P.S Allez les blues for the world cup!! P.P.S What do you think about this columnist who apparently thinks that not many women bloggers exist? Outrageous huh?

Candy Minx said...

I have heard that the ratio of female bloggers is less than male bloggers...but I don't know I have a bunch of women bloggers I visit and laugh with regularly...I suppose in the world of hackers...where blogging first began there were a lot of guys. But these things level out eventually.