Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I actually like this tag concept...

Five things in my freezer...

2)stewing beef
4)paint brush in a plastic bag preserving the paint so I didn't have to wash it right away
5)two chicken kiev

Five Things in my car(that just got towed to the car big sleep a 1090 suzuki swift...)

1) a Buddha on dashboard
2)a silver sun reflector
3) the inside cloaked half of my Alpine stereo which I forgot to salvage, fuck!
4)a plaid blanket

Five things in my purse

1) bikini
2) sunblock
4)WIRED magazine on the future of food
5)organic source vitamins

Five things in my closet

1)a black leather belt
2) Harold Bloom's Shakespeare:The Invention of the Human
3)pink stilletoes
4)winter festival decorations
5) suitcase always at the ready

Tag yer it goes to...

The Healing Room
Apperceptive Journey


Pie said...

I love this. Feel like I'm sneaking round looking in all your closets :-)

A bikini in your purse, pink stilettos in your closet and vodka everywhere - so cool.

Red said...

What, no vodka in your closet? He he! ;-D

And please can you post a piccie of your pink stilettoes? As much as I can't walk in heels, I do admire the design of a good shoe.

me said...

what candy aint telling us, is she has another wardrobe with a vodka still in it!


Vodka in you're car????? Can I have a lift???? Please?????

Anonymous said...

I always keep a suitcase packed.

Sometimes, I forget I already have one ready...and pack a second one.

Just in case. :)

Candy Minx said...

Hi ya! Sorry to be so slow in saying hi and responding...yes, vodka everywhere. there is as Cappy says another the freezer in Chicago for my return!

Red, I will take photos of my shoes, in fact later on I might just devote a whole post to shoes, let me work on that, of course i have posted a pic of shopes I painted my summer sandals that I collaged the wedged heeels of somewhere around here...

buffy, great to see you! Thanks for popping by I'll drop in and see you soon too!

I am surprised you guys didn't feel my pain when I realized that my car went to the graveyard with half my stereo still in it! Rats! You know, you take the front off the stereo when you park...and carry it with you then it is secure in theory. Not secure from my absentmindedness apparently! The stereo had cost way more than the car!

Suzy Snow said...

Sorry it took me so long to find that you had tagged me! I will definitely complete this soon.

I love vodka too! We seem to have a couple of things in common. ;o)