Wednesday, July 12, 2006


We've spent a large part of the last couple days packing my friends stuff for her to move back to Vancouver after the break up. It's hot today and raining. We packed and cried and drank far too much without feeling a buzz. I'm sure we have all been there and know how sick you feel. She has lost five pounds at least in the last couple of days. I have hardly eaten either. The break up contact down I guess. But hey, I really needed to blow off a few pounds.

My old old pal from college days who we used to get high and talk about the meaning of life and everything and sometimes hang on the beach. Middle of the night rain storms on the west coast and run outside into the sprinklers on boulevards on Vancouver Island found my blog!!! I posted his name somewhat randomly ina a post a couple of months ago in the hopes he would google his own name and he did and found my blog! Yippeee! What fun to catch up after many years. We last saw each other in Manhattan at a surprise birthday party for him...and lost contact. It has been an incredible treat to make this reunion and to catch up on our lives and what has gone down. We were crazy club bunnis and trippers and art and philosophy junkies in our youth and people like that become so symbolic and valuable and treasured as time goes by.

I must run now. We need to take these bunch of boxes...a persons objects of their passions and interests and life to the bus station and ship them. Thank god for friends. It is sad and seems so destructive especially when wouldn't it make more sense to really talk about a break up as much as a romance with the person you love. Some people are shut off from their emotions and their accountability and I think that is a real tragedy.

I give thanks for having feelings and excitement about this life and the idea that is is an ongoing journey...hopefully with more learning at every turn, hopefully with a lot of funny episodes and fall down funny moments...that somehow there might be a feeling of it making sense or at least some layers of meaning amongst the turmoil. I know there is deliverance. I know if there is no method or the universe might collapse or civilization implode or we blow ourselves to is the times that we love and share that make it gorgeous. Who cares if there is a god or not...we may never have that kind of closure. But we make our own justice and our own karma. And we have the choice to make it ROCK!

Must, and lots of fucking hilarious laughter at the lilas!


fifipoo07 said...

your comments on were right on the button. Your old cool is that?

Again best wishes to your friend whos in need


thehealingroom said...

Yea serendipity!
I'm glad you connected with your friend.


Give yer sad friend a hug n ROCK ON babe!

rauf said...

We actually never learn from our mistakes, we keep repeating our blunders. That is human nature.
You're doing a great job Candy

All the philosophies and theories don't make our lives happy. Well said Candy, its only love and what we share really matters.

mister anchovy said...

We watched those videos you gave us....very addictive....called Stagg and asked him to tape more.....

Red said...

"We make our own justice and our own karma. And we have the choice to make it ROCK!"

Now, if that doesn't deserve to be printed in big letters and posted in multiple locations around the house (on the fridge, on mirrors, on the computer), I don't know what does!

Loved this post, Candy. Thank you for putting all those feelings into words.

I hope your friend feels a little better today than she did yesterday. It will be a long road, for sure, but it will lead to better, brighter things.

* (asterisk) said...

Candy, you're becoming quite the queen of pearls of wisdom. Excellent work.

Candy Minx said...

Hi guys!!! Um, she is feeling a LOT better. She is just doing really well. Better than well. We were up pretty late last night everything got to the bus station and she flies west tonight.

Thanks for all the positive and kind thoughts towards her. I think it really blew her mind to hear from blog mates of mine. It became the talk of the girls for a while as I read out your comments.

No limits. No prisoners. No fear!

Um, Mister will have to wait for me to tape the rest of that series, okay? Hee hee.

Photos to follow!

Our gal is such a trooper...she is tidying up the mess we made right now of her old apartment where the "dumpee" lives alone now after ourchaos of packing. Now that's a class act.

This morning however, I was bawling my eyes out for the sadness really just hit me. But I am a sucky baby. :) And then we were laughing hilariously with our hangovers because she had to comfort ME!!! And her strength is reflected in that she now feels her life is a new path and might be very exciting in a new way. Just wait till the boys in Vancouver find out this stone cold foxy woman is single. Hide your sons!

Cheers...and thank you for the really nice comments and compliments. Really nice of ya!