Monday, January 09, 2023

Some Beach Cover Ups


Here are a few varieties of caftans, or beach cover ups I made this year...and some new owners of them! If you want to look at my Etsy page  please click on "Etsy"

Here is one of my work tables. I've got some great new cotton lace! Will make something with that chartruese green lace this year.

Stagg is showing off the "chem trails" caftan.

You can even make these New York City freindly :)

Button Box Reverie


“Daydream transports the dreamer outside the immediate world to a world that bears the mark of infinity.” Gaston Bachelard A button box brings memories of grandmas or moms button and sewing kits. Playing with variety of oddball buttons always seeing something new. Rainy day, cottage, behind the couch geography on a carpet or tiled floor. Metal candy boxes holding all the colours and dreams...soldiers, fairies, pattern making and infinite feelings of no time.

I've got an Etsy page...not sure how I feel about it yet. I haven't really even advertised it. Just thinking out loud...

Thursday, November 24, 2022

The Activist Cookbook...Episode

We areon hiatus with the podcast...but there are lots of episodes to catch up on! Thank you for listening!

ASMR...A Little LOUDER. Practice Buttons in tin.


This is my second practice for buttons in tin ASMR video.

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

JOKER Discussion On Podcast


We have a special guest this week, Professor of Philosophy, from Gettysburg College in PA, Vernon Cisney. Vern is featured here on the blog in the group pics of photographer Beowulf Sheehan if you scroll down. Vern agreed to come on to our podcast to discuss the resonance of JOKER. We had a great discussion and I hope you enjoy it here...The Agency Podcast episode "The Secret Life of Figs" with Vernon Cisney. You can find Vern's segment at 5:25 mark.

Vern also has a great blog

Monday, October 31, 2022

My Etsy Page!


Check out my ETSY PAGE...thank you! 

Three cheers to Stagg for being one of my models...thill I get a manequin LOL

I've been sewing....and I'm making cover-ups....or caftans if you will. Perfect for the beach, a music festival or walking from your hotel room through the casino to the pool. 

Cheating At Chess


This episode lets us find out what Eugene really thinks about the early stages of the chess scandal thats rocked the world. The devil really does go down to Georgia....and meets with Dennis McCarthy.

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