Friday, January 17, 2020

Candy On The Beach

From May 2013. I was going through some of my drafts that I never published.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The McCarthy Corpus Project

This website is a bit of fun. McCarthy Corpus. We saw them introduce this idea publically in Memphis 2015

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Read Out Loud

Hey we have a new episode of the podcast!

New Hollywood. Punching out paintings. Can the good Dr. cure what ails you?
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Pink Panthers Heists

 We have talked about a few hiest movies over the last few episodes. I brought up The Pink Panthers and a great movie called Smash and Grab about The Pink Panthers.

And here is an older episode of our podcast...

Monday, January 13, 2020

Cook It Forward....Three Years Later

This is another post that I had saved in "drafts" and just found now. It was from July 13, 2016. I can't believe there is a photo of us all looking happy. I can't believe that so much pain and lack of community has occured at the temple since 2018. I felt really bittersweet when I saw this photo. Two of the people have left the temple. They got angry because they didn't like the customs in the tradition. Many people do not respect women in some temples...actually ina  lot of religious groups women are second class citizens. Especially female ministers. People always find ways to be judgemental and play control games. Even after all that community went through in 2018...BTC is still maintaining an environemnt that is not inclusive, or respectful and does not foster "belongingness". there is no commitment to belonging and that is really hard to understand. A few of us have been scratching our heads at the behaviour chronic in the temple.

Recently a friend sent me a link to an incredible interview with Brene Brown about "belonging. Here it is called Strong Back Soft Front. Listeing to this was inspiring.

Here is the original post from July 13 2016:

 We have started going to the closed Stewart School Tent City now first on Wednesdays. Every Wednesday a few of us meet and prepare meals or bagged lunches. This week we made egg salad sandwiches, cookies, yogurt and fruit lunch bags with Mint-infused Arnold Palmers. Yep, we have a big cooler with beverages. Below is Sandra, Stagg, Daryl and Mary.
 On the way home driving on Western Ave. no one honked when I missed a green light to take this picture of a double rainbow!

Exploring Emergence

The following link is to my favourite website ever. I've written about it here on my blog a few times and I use the website in my essays for conferences and research. It inspires me so much I ve even written the designers. Its called EXPLORING EMERGENCE.

In this weeks episode of our podvast we did our first ever single themed episode called GAME THEORY. I talk a ittle bit about John Conways "Game of Life" that the active essay "Exploring Emergence" is inspired by.

Hope you enjoy our Game Theory episode....

#johnconway #gogame #gametheory #jeopardy

Friday, January 03, 2020

UNCUT GEMS: Mini-episode

Eugene and I got on the crazy wild ride that is UNCUT GEMS. I hope you see it soon. It's worth the theatre but its also being released on Netflix shortly. The soundtrack by Brooklyn-based musician Oneohtrix Point Never is incredible.

I also loved GOOD TIME,  and Oneohtrix Point Never did the soundtrack for that too. You can see that movie starring Robert Patterson on Netflix right now. It's also very good.

I hope you enjoy our new mini-episode about this Adama Sandler crime story, it's super fantastic! Yes, we talk about everything so there are total spoilers. Buckle up.