Monday, February 27, 2017

Guest Speaker

Dr. Shabana Mir was a guest speaker for Interfaith Sunday Service at the Buddhist Temple of Chicago yesterday. Dr. Mir visited the temple from the American Islamic College and she told some very good stories and shared her personal narrative of being Muslim. One story she told was so insightful and puts perspective on how culture changes. She told us about an uncle of hers who moved to South Carloina from Pakistan in the 1950's. Her uncle, who everyone called Mo, was a tennis player and everyone knew him as the "brown guy who played tennis". Her Uncle Mo became interested in a woman he met and he wanted to date her. Since it was the 1950's Mo wanted too be very respectful so he went to the girls parents and asked to speak to them and have their permission to date their daughter. Mo meets with the girls mother who asks him questions. She asks, "What religion are you?" Mo answers, "Muslim." The mother says, "What's that?" and so Mo briefly explains his faith and ...the mother says, "So you're not Catholic?" "No" says Mo. The girls mother says, "Okay you can date my daughter." Part of this delightful story was to demonstrate how fluid religion is and how relationships and attitudes to religion change depending not on religion or faith, but on our various cultures and our culture's beliefs. Dr. Mir was very thoughtful and a charming speaker bringing anthropology and her own personal life into her lecture.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Answers To Random-Assed Questions

These questions are from The Shameful Sheep
and 27th Street blogs....

1) Who are you named for?
My dad's first car, a Hillman Minx.

2) Do you like your handwriting?
Half of the time....if I can take time to write....but after so many years on the computer I find it exhausting to hand write and I feel like I have forgotten how

3) What is your favourite lunchmeat?

4) Longest relationship?
With my husband Stagg

5) Do you still have your tonsils?

6)Would you bungee jump?
No fucking way (However I have been known to ski so it's not like I don't like adventure)

7) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Most of the time

8) What is your favourite ice cream?

9) What is the first thing you notice about people?
I don't know. I guess body language.

10) Football or baseball?
Meh. Hockey. I'll watch almost any sport if it's in playoffs though.

11) What colour pants are you wearing?
Bright green velour

12) Last thing you ate?
Open-faced cheese and avocado sandwich

13) If you were a crayon what colour would you be?

14) Favourite smell?
Coffee. Followed by roses, gardenias, vanilla...

15) Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
Vivien a community organizer

16) Hair colour?

17) Eye colour?

18) Favourite foods to eat?
Artichokes, pomegranates, nachos, curries

19) Scary movies or happy endings?

20) Last movie you watched?
Now You See Me 2

21) Favourite holiday?

22 Beer or wine?

23) Night owl or early bird?
Night owl. I can totally function in the morning but I'm faking it.

24) Favourite day of the week?
Don't have one

25) Which three of your favourite bloggers do you want to know more about?
I don't want to put anyone in a spot, so I don't usually tag....but I would love to read my blogger friends answers t if you do this list, let me know in the comments please.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How Do We Talk?

A few of us are facilitating an event where people who are concerned with the lack of communication between different voters can share perspectives with each other.

Gathering people who voted for Clinton, people who voted for Trump, people who voted for Stein or Johnson, people who wanted Sanders and compromised to vote for someone else….people who voted for Green party, Democrats, Republicans, or refused to vote at all….to share what they believe and think in a friendly, respectful manner, We will meet and agree as a group on ground rules for discussion and have a professional facilitator chair the discussion so everyone has a voice. 

Most people every where around the world want the best for their family and friends. Wanting the best for our family and friends is a a natural appropriate emotion and need. But it seems many of us disagree on how to achieve that wish. How do we communicate and find out our differences and our common ground? Let’s meet in person and humanize our opposing views.

This gathering has the potential to be a door opening and a chance for us to begin dialogue. We might even be able to set a recurring meet up to reach out to more people or inspire more people to open such discussions. Please consider joining us. Message Candy Minx to RSVP. Location to be messaged back to participants only.

You can find out more here at Facebook...and RSVP to me via Fb messages if you want to participate.

Facebook Event

Is It Possible?

Something I've been wondering about...and it's difficult for me to vocalize...because in the emotional mood people saying or taking one indelicate step...can anger each other so easily. My voicing a different perspective on friendship, communication and politics...has actually cost me some friends. I guess I found out that the people I thought were cool...were actually not cool...they were very rigid in their ways of thinking and not able to disagree compassionately. Not a fun lesson to learn about people one thought were friends. 
So I proceed understanding I am vulnerable...but I am also strong enough to risk being vulnerable. I believe the only way to create social change and to participate in a revolution is by being vulnerable.
My query it possible that the political climate right now...might be the first time some citizens have ever experienced political and social betrayal? Is it possible...that part of the split we are witnessing in this civil war between the country and the city....and people who people other people are stupid versus the so-called "stupid" belieiving the others are "selfish". Yes, it seems there is a split between one group believes the other is stupid...and the other group believes the others are selfish.
Is it possible that President Agent Orange (thank you Busta Rymes) has triggered a sense of failure and betrayal to a group of the population that has never experienced such betrayal before?
I see a kind of difference in the older senior population...they literally approach the political climate as "business as usual" i
n the United States. Yes, they think there is a sense of chaos and speed to the outrage on social media.....but they also say..."this is politics, it's been like this for a long time" where...the younger people I know...have a sense of feeling so betrayed. Is it possible that the people who are older....have lived through Vietnam, Reagan, Clinton, Bush Sr and W and so many tramatic administrative crisis that they feel less optimistic and they never expected a positive outcome from an election? Many of this group I have interviewed perceive the last administration s failing in many ways too. The idea of politics and "hope" is naive to them.
An example I use came across was the sorrow expressed to me about a five year old boy bing put in handcuffs a few days ago and separated from his parents for five hours. I was so surprised that would be upsetting to anyone here in the United States...because where I sit...thats business as usual for the United States. I know people here who were traumatized by a young child being ripped away from their family by SWAT team and confiscated and deported. 
Is the outrage about politics right now....partly a case of more people coming to understand how many people IN THE PAST felt about a President and their administration tearing a child away from their family by a SWAT team? Is it possible that a new generation that may have either not been so engaged in feeling betrayed by government and politics..either because they were too young to witness Vietnam, or Clintons sexual predatoriness, or Bush W. obsession with war, or a Sat team confiscating a now seeing these kinds of events for the first time...and feel this is "new" a new outrage a new corruption. For many U.S. citizens...they have lost hope with politicians and government a long time ago. part of the civil war might be that more people are feeling betrayed....but they disagree on what that exact betrayal is for each other?

Sunday, February 05, 2017

A Painting In The Works

 Here is a small commissioned painting I have been making. It's not finished yet...but close...

A Make Up Plug

 If you feel like trying something is some facial and cosmetic products I use and sell. The skin and foundation tools are really incredible.

Friday, February 03, 2017

More Reno Pics

 The place is looking more and more amazing. It will be fun to post a before and after....soon...

My Artist Site

 I've got my Artist Site up and running. If you wondered what my short films look like, or what I have written for can see them here: Candy Art Site

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Renovation At Work

I work part time at an Italian American restaurant down the street from where we live in Pilsen. They have been closed for renovations....but it's really getting close to re-opening! I'm excited to get back to bartending there. These pics are the first week of demolition.

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