Friday, August 21, 2020

Lesson Plan A New Podcast Episode

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Some Finished Some Not


All of these are oil on canvas and a fair ssize between 4'x5'-6'x6' ish.
Yes that is supposedly a Robert Fludd version of Globe Theatre or Swan Theatre (upside down)
The following three canavases ARE NOT DONE she says huffing! I having so much fun oil painting during the quarantine and I'm so glad I'm an artist.

The Same Painting Over And Over


We are going down the way back machne today. I am posting these especially for a friend in the UK he pointed out how I haven't posted much lately. I really ought to be posting more and I'm trying. Stupid Facebook kind of killed blgging. Everyone made such creative blogs back in 2005-2019 then moved t Favebook where its never creative or as much heart as blogs used to be. So I shall try here today to activate things. I often have said that I am making the same painting over and over...and here I have some proof LOL Above is a large folding screen. Probably about 7-8 feet across and about 6 feet tall. The building references a water works building of the City of Toronto. I'll try to post a photo of the actual building. I made many paintings of it in the 1980s. I made this screen in 1984. Always stars lots of stars since I was at least 14. I came naturally to the secret arts of Illuminati, and pretty young.
I also used to compulsively paint and photograph these electiral boxes/bins found all over Toronto. I was obsessed with them. This is oil paint and oil stick on thick paper.

There is Muffy the cat running into a shot. I wa smaking stage and film set designs and here is a "backdrop" made oil on paper...and a small maquette of an idea sitting on the floor in front of it.
I once painted this right onto the wall in my kitchen. It was afantastic and freaked out every one who ever came to visit. It was so much fun to paint and I thought I was quite wild.
Above is another oil painting on thick water colour paper. I actually sold this for $75  to my bosses parents. They attended my solo show where some of these paintings are from.
This is a rather large painting from's on several hinged canvas panels and is oil. I made tons of folding screens. I used to have a box with piano hinges ready for when I got inspired to build a screen.

These are the same screen and both sides painted with encaustic. Encaustic is when you mix oil paint with bees wax and it smaells so good. You've got to work in a steay particular way because the mixture dries very quickly. This is the only apinting my dad ever really liked.  And he only liked the side with the rain drops on black. That really made me laugh.

This was quite large too...two huge oil on canvas hinged onto a wooden pillar in the gallery so they could swing. 1987. Called "The Swan, The Bandit and The Resurrection" I riffed on Poussin's tomb from "Et In Arcadia In Ego" on the left panel in the middle you might be able to see a tomb shape. Then on that same panel near the bottom of the left panel next to pillar is a little dog froma  cartoon. So I am still paintingas from th Illuminati and still including animals often cartoon animals.
This si so much like my panting today...and its also from the late 1980s....its called "Chopstick" and there is a beaverpainted at the bottom inspired by the design of a chopsticks wrapper. The pink shape is of a pink silk negligee I often had hanging on a wall in my apartment. The little "scene" of a bed to its left is related to stage and film set dsign I was working on. You can see a "moon" shpae and clouds for sky...another perenial image I like to use always.

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