Thursday, March 31, 2011


I don't know how much more "nature" our dear Stagg can handle...but he is a good sport and agreed, go into the Carlsbad Caverns with me...

Okay, our camera just can't get pics down in the caves...

Happy April Fool's Day from New Mexico!

Where to next...????

xxxoooo dear friends!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stay Weird!

We've been to Texas a couple times down in San Antonio, Houston and stuff...but we hadn't ever made it to the LIVE MUSIC CAPITOL OF THE WORLD. So we have stopped off in Austin Texas. Wow, what a wild place. I have to admit you should have seen how pleased we both were to get into an actual hotel room. With a pool. We got into the shower and then the pool after all the grime build up of busking (yes we showered but theres just so much you can do after two weeks of busking and camping and staying up and walking etc etc). So we had an amazing shower and swim then downtown to explore America the weird!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Leveled Up

We leveled up. Our other tent was actually a little cramped...and Stagg was having a hard enough time adjusting to new camping experiences all his camping is new experience. So we got another chair and some bbq stuff and a big-ass tent! And an inflatable matress! Look at Stagg King of his domain...(no thats not our truck...we still have the aqua monster baby car and love her...she is being so good to us. We had to take her in to get some adjustments. The passenger door window hadn't rolled up for over a month. Long story Stagg probably doesn't want me to tell it ha ha and he had been putting garbage bags and plastic on it every night. So we got it fixed. It doesn't roll down but we'll get that done soon. The garage didn't have the part so they bolted it shut for us. We got it fixed in New Orleans along with the button under the clutch which had become touchy. I had to slam my foot down to start the car. Now all good. We returned to the State Park we had driven through a month ago...Tickfaw State Park it is so beutiful we had to spend a couple days here resting relaxing and walking the nature trails and eating some fire cooked food. Yum! We had rice and onions and green pepers and steak and mushtrooms...and went to Whole Foods and got yogurt and some fruits and stuff. Some vitamins we had run out of etc etc.

We've had some great neighbours while camping ...we've just met all kinds of awesome people our neighbours here came over and offered to take our pic when they saw us taking each others photos. They also watched me take over an hour to put up our new tent giving them much entertainment and concern.

Stagg as seen in nature...(hey Mister Anchovy we saw "starbucks on a stick! tell Tuffy P!)

A cool painting on the side of the nature centre.

Inside the big-ass tent...what a view!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bye Bye Baby

Here I am in a compfy chair reading Vanity Fair (great issue all articles excellent, Robert Pattison cover) and busking. We have a couple of chairs one borrowed from TVo and one we picked up at Winn-Dixie grocery store. You should see some of the comforts and equipment the other artists have for their busking in New Orleans, we are pretty rookie compared to the full time artists in New Orleans. This is our last day busking in the Jackson Square. Bittersweet...

I am always taking pics of Stagg and thought I better throwe one in here of me...ha in the rest room of O'Briens where I would run while buusking. Finding a public washroom is an issue when busking lol!

We celebrated our last day busking in the French Quarter by going to one of my very very favourite restaurants...Antoines where we got the cheapest bottle of wine we could and ordered up Oysters Rockerfeller (the place that created them over a hundred years ago) You can read about Antoine's Restaurant 1840 online...but until you hang out there and pig out it's all words. I've eaten here a half a dozen times over the years and its always heavenly, delicious with kind service...oh I love it here.

Staggs entree...

These are delicate potatoes that were fried and pop open sop they have a shape but are hollow inside and melt in your mouth...ahhhh....

This probably doesn't look as good in the photo as it tasted but it beef with wine sauce and I could eat ten plates of it! We had creme caramel for dessert or I did and Stagg had raspberry chocolate cake.

As we left the French Quarter that night we fell upon a brass band and people dancing in the streets. Stagg and I both got onion-eyed.

Antoine's is as I said one of my favourite restaurants EVER. We spent the next day exploring Magazine Street where Stagg bought a pedal for his bass at a cool music store. It's a Bootsy Collins Dog pedal. Awesome. And we window shopped and explored the Garden District. We had 2 dollar drinks at Ms. Mays and we had walked walked by a restaurant packed at noon called "The Rum House". It was just well not particularly special looking at first but the place was jammed. We decided we better walk back and eat supper there later. Oh my god. It was some of the best food I've ever eaten...kind of Caribean fusion...I don't know. I wanted to go back the next day but they didn't open till 5 and we would be long on our way by then...I did howeve phone them later to ask again what our soup was Habenaro Duck Soup and it was deadly. Everything we ate was marvelous and if you go to New Orleans you MUST go to "The Rum House"...opened a year ago by two friends, one of whom I talked to on the phone while telling his how much I loved his food etc etc. The atmosphere grows on you with local art and conversations all rebounding. I will be obsessed about this place for the rest of my life as I am about Antoines.
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