Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dusable Museum

Happy Birthday Buddha!

 We have a birthday celebration every year for Buddha's birthday. Lots of food and cake and a special decoration on the altar! In Japanese Buddhism Buddha's birthday is celebrated on April 8.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Diner Dinner

 Right near the Buddhist Temple of Chicago is the Golden House restaurant. These "weird America" diners are closing down in Chicago fast....and I am sorry for that loss. I love diners! We have a group of people at the Temple that does food service once a month. We had a meeting to see how we are all doing and get new ideas for volunteer projects and outreach at the Temple.

Friday, April 17, 2015


 I am taking a workshop t learn how to use these

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Meeting Patti Smith

"Can I have my hand back please?" Patti Smith

"I'm just going to put it in my pocket, or maybe my green purse?" Me

Alisa had just had a hug with Patti. Alisa is a producer at Old Town. And then Alisa said, "A lot of people were really emotional even crying in your show tonight." Including this one>"And she points to me. My eyes were so puffy. At some point in her show....whcih I had already seen a fair bit of it the  two nights before....I just broke. She was talking about her son Jackson's son. He is called Frederick. And she dedicated "Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon to him....she had talked about losing her mother and losing people....maybe some of the audience had lost people...and I proceeded to cry like a fool for several songs. They did a Beatles song...which I am super tired right now and the name escapes me...She played "Because The Night". And somehow connecting my young years as writing poetry and being an artist, loving Patti Smith I just had one of those overwhelming connecting the dots moments. I thought about people I have lost. I thought about time passing and grinding away. I thought about rebirth...her show this weekend was called Easter. I also realized maybe I've seen Patti Smith more than any other performer! How could that be? I didn't plan it. The Clash I have seen 5 times, and I never thought I would beat that with another artist. We hung out in the basement in the green room and hallway for a while ....It was such a treat. I am partly tired because I stayed up way too late last night having fun. Went to a crazy swish bar in Logan Square called Billy Sunday with Alisa and her husband Scott. I had two Clover Club Gin drinks...made with new western gin, manzanilla sherry egg white lemon kola nut. I have a photo somewhere...
 This is my drink above. And below was Scotts drink with a huge round ice cube. I guess you can tell I was drinking because I'm being such a geek taking pics of drinks. What an incredible night! And weekend!


 While in Uptown we stopped at the great bookstore Shake Rattle And Read.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Luella's Southern Kitchen

Best food in Lincoln Square! New place opened up near Old Town School. I have a new favorite. Luella's Southern Kitchen. Bourbon Chicken and Waffles pictured above. So good! I have three places by work I eat at , Gather, The Grafton Pub and now Luella's.  Highly recommend! 4609 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 961-8196

Friday, April 03, 2015

Wedding At Buddhist Temple Of Chicago

 Our friends got married. I met Ann at Old Town School of Folk Music. She is a long time volunteer for events. She used to help us in the bar but usually is an usher for concerts. Ann is the person who introduced us to the Buddhist Temple of Chicago in Uptown neighborhood. In a really great set of events Ann met another volunteer at Old Town...and the rest is history! Such a "meet cute".
 Oh look! There is Reverend Patti reaching to light candles!
 Ann wore two dresses, one for the wedding ceremony. And a traditional Korean dress for the reception.
 We had a huge Korean supper! The food was incredible.
 Gary (Rev. Patti's husband) and Stagg.

 Look closely...some of the flowers on the cake have musical details. Ties in to the Old Town School and Ann and John's mutual love of music. Actually they went to New Orleans for their Honeymoon! I liked the Buddha shaped beer bottle from the reception restaurant.

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