Friday, June 30, 2006

Kawasaki Krump still on eBay!

Kawasaki Krump back on eBay. I am really excited to have this up for viewing and sale at eBay.I received a few e-mails that seemed promising asking questions about the painting. I will ship it anywhere in North America, oh heck likely any where in the world. I feel terrible because I missed an email due to being on the road...wondering if I would ship it to New Jersey...I will! New Jersey, New Haven, New York Dolls, New Dehli. Go crazy art fans.

My tecnorati rank is 89,433. Kawasaki's rank is 34.

A poem by Ernie Paniccoli

Incredible poem at my pal Cherryl's blog. Her whole blog has some heavy shit and is worth a visit or many...

Ernie Panaccoli

Men, Exotic Animals...

A delightful article found at Ed Batista's blog.

More Found Poetry

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Diabetes and Agriculture

"We're still eating the left overs of World War II" V.S.

Why do we eat what we eat?

Is it our families tastes, our own, our society and is it really good food?

When we think of of the first associations is SUGAR.

We practice a kind of moral blindness towards sugar. We all know chocolate bars, cake, candy, and cookies are sugar. As parents we try to control the amount of sugar our children digest.

We feel rice, potatoes, corn, bread, noodles, crackers and bagels are healthy nutrition choices and feed our children and each other these foods. We make sauces and peanut butter and jam and spicy recipes to tart up these bland foods and make them "gourmet". Our stomachs digest rice, noodles and bread almost as quickly as cake and cookies and then we need to release insulin to counteract the blood sugar response to noodles. These starches have almost no nutritional value so we make synthetic vitamins and minerals and add them to the products. Read the labels on your bread and noodles and rice. Iron and B vitimins are added because they have almost no nutritional value. Our bodies process refined carbohydrates(bread, rice, noodles) as if they were sugar: too quickly therefore shocking our systems to produce insulin or crash.

Corn is refined and added to one fourth of the products in your grocery stores. It works like a binding agent and a simple sugar to preserve and whore up your tastebuds.

It is easy to find the link in contemporary society between warfare and agriculture. We grow most of our crops with nitrogen fertilizer. Agriculture became easier after the second World War by the invention of the same scientist who made the gases for concentration camps.

Dependance on oil is not predominantly reflected by driving cars. We need fossil fuel to grow food. One bushel of corn needs one gallon of oil.

But we have our challenges. 2 out of 5 people would not be alive right now if it weren't for synthetic fertilizer. We want all people to be healthy and happy and have the best for their friends and family...don't we?

How does everyone eat yet not screw over the planet and each other?

The fertilizers we produce and then don't use go into the air and cause damage with acids. We have so many people alive with so much hate and our conflict looks like religious war...but it may actually be fighting for air and soil and food.

Ever seen a kid after eating chocolates and cookies? Right. It happens to adults too. All those fancy pasta dinners...then the pasta slump after eating. Mood swings and depression are often, largely encouraged by blood sugar levels. Have you ever had conflicts compounded by mood swings? The whole planet is acting like a mood swing.
Ever notice how people with food disorders or diabetes often reveal they have bouts with depression?

Not only is warfare linked to agriculture...but our spiritual health and mental health is partly controlled by our diets. Our obsession with nutrient poor foods is threatening the planets health and our ability to resolve conflicts. Since noodles and rice and potatoes and bread have so little nutritive value, we need to eat extra portions of them. These foods keep us hungry and craving large servings of them. Why not eat chicken, salad and a vegetable and skip the huge portion of rissotto? Put the rissotto sauce on the chicken instead? Perhaps as an experiment to clear our heads of sluggish food and see if we can find new ways to grow food or choose food?

The watered down lazy food of farming is starving us to death while fattening us, while building a constant matrix of mood depressions, hate, violent conflict and competition. I suggest we look to the diets and food economies of aboriginals and hunter-gatherer communites to help solve our food production challenges.

We have created a cycle of dependance on growing food to maintain all our populations, threatened space for living with farms and we live off bomb fodder to keep all of us fighting mad.

God is not our problem, food is our achilles heel.

We need to re-evaluate what we are cooking for dinner.

Farming and Mental Health
Economic Mistake of Farming
Diabetes Awareness
Food, Money, Ethics

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

FEARLESS be the theme for Gay Pride Toronto 2006

Well, I've been in Canada visiting family and friends in Toronto for over week...what a month it's been in Chicago saw Madonna and Maceo Parker. Maceo Parker was at the House of Blues...which I expected to be really touristy, but it was designed really beautifully. All the theatre curtains are patchwork quilts, lots of areas for dancing and the acoustics are incredible. The entire building is decorated with folk art, with Santeria themes and framed American folk art. I will link some photos here but because I am on the road and borrowing a computer...I am loading pics in a different way and losing track. I feel like I'm in a hurry or something. Maceo Parker was truly one of the most incredile shows...if you get a chance to see "the professor" please do, he is funk god. Played with Prince and PFunk!

Gay Pride was so much fun...I love the photos of people taking pictures of the drag queens and folks all dressed up...I find them hilarious because they are taking pictures of the party yet acting like tourists of drag queens so I took a lot of photos of the photographers. :) ... everyone had so much fun! Some truly beautiful souls I took some photos of here...the theme was fearless...lets not be afraid of hate...of death, seize the day and love our rainbow family! As B-RAD would say from Malibu's Most Wanted..."don't be hating..."

Gay Pride Toronto

Hi ya, I am borrowing my friend George's computer to load photos today...and I may be making all kinds of mistakes like double posting photos so please be patient..:) The photo of the statue below can be found on Church Street and is cool because it is of Alexander Wood who was a community leader, business man and a gay pioneer in the early 1800's here in Canada. No wonder we are so rainbow and tolerant of gender and orientation in Canada...people have been fighting for their right to party here for aquite a while.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Urban Wildlife

Been in Canada catching up with friends for a few days.

Anita's cat got caught ina beureau drawer handle. 34 stiches.

Little Italy, Toronto Canada. This is typical scene during World Cup here in Toronto.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Goddess Fandom

Madonna fans are so much fun. How does she know what we want and how to get us all so happy. I wish I could follow her around to see all her shows. We met lots of great people at the concert and took some photos...I also gave out my blog address and hope a couple of the people we talked to come here and let me know their names. I had some ideas of what to say about the show...but they kept disappearing since so many feelings and associations occur between the choreography, films and content. It was incredible. One strange thing, the press complained about her on the disco cross and I'm like who cares about the cross...there was so much happening on stage political and was so trite to only pick up on her disco crucifix. For example, during the song "Don't Talk" voiceovers of the dancers stories of child abuse, the movie images were interspersed with President Nixon and Bush, bombs, African children and the words "don't talk" and "don't speak", meanwhile a large screen with numbers ticking go higher and higher. By theend of the song we find out the numbers are the kids who will orphaned by AIDS. So for some media or critics to nitpick about her on a disco cross is not only petty, but inappropriate. Madonna is amazing, thats all there is!!!!! The dancers were INCREDIBLE....I could have just been happy seeing them,well obviously I am still in awe and don't have anything intelligent to say...the secret to Madonna is that she is a dancer who writes music. She knows how to excite dancers and even her ballads have the foundation for dance.

Kendra and baby from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Angel and .....

Jen Porter


Glenn's Diner. 1820 West Montrose Avenue. I love the design of this bar, with large cabinets to display all the cereal. Stagg loves cereal so this is heaven for him to sit at the bar. They make awesome breakfasts and have a huge daily menu of seafood and fish. Everything I've eaten here has been excellent and the staff super cool and friendly.

Great store, friendly...for booze and some fresh vegies and snacks. 1832 West Montrose Avenue.
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