Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Books in LOST

Like "others" I am addicted to LOST. TV is smarter and way more fun than it has ever been...and Lost features many books and literature. Characters often talk about characters in books, or reference books in their dialogue. I've given up trying to figure out what is going on or what is the island (although I believed maybe at first it was a complex rehab program either medical or criminal...? like the movie The Game) Now I just sit back and enjoy...of course for a fanatic for details like's awesome to have digital recording options and play the show back, all those symbols...and books.

I've read some of the stuff referenced in LOST and I've gone and looked stuff up too and read it...or re-read it...

Here are some reading materials from the ever so fun, Lost reading list...

(and don't forget poor Sawyer the bookworm has eye trouble...)

Sawyer was reading Watership Down (looking for a home) in the episode titled Confidence Man(which is the title of a Herman Melville novel)

King Josiah (22, 23)(spiritual leprosy?)

The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien ( metaphor about physics, writers and readers, fan obsession with philosophy)

Wrinkle In Time(I read this as a kid, sci-fi about a time travel machine called a "tesserac"and a family being reunited)

Are You There God, it's Margeret by Judy Blume...(menstration...but could it be the title that is fun? But then, menstration would be a huge issue when stranded and two characters have been pregnant)

The Brothers Karamozov by Dostoyevsky (each brother represents an outlook on life, it suggests that life without god is not a good idea)

Alice In Wonderland (refeenced in conversation several time, rabbit hole/hatch/ warren comes to mind...)

Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens (this surprised me in the final season episode haven't figured out the relevence to me yet, but oh I love Dickens...)

Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Lord of the Flies( seems self explanatory)

Turn of the Screw by Henry james (two kids playing mind games on their teacher...satanic evil games she is lost)

Lancelot by Walker Percy ( characters are in healing, in prison from their acts. questions about the sexual act, morality meaning)

An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge(main impression is "unreliable narrartor" and this is referneced in Twilight Zone, jacobs Ladder...seems like a hint to the characters in Lost...)

The Epic of Gilgamesh (regeneration, a snake sloughing off its skin and to live again,rebirth-story of life destruction and renewal)

One of the characters, one of the others, is called Henry Gale this is an uncle in The Wizard of Oz, and Locke offers Brothers Karamozov to Gale but Gale would prefer a Stephen King novel.


mister anchovy said...

The Brothers Karamozov is one helluva book.

me said...

watership down, have you read richard adams other book the plague dogs? very good, about a group of dogs that escape from a test lab!
listen to me sounding knowledgable!

Candy Minx said...

Yes, Mr. A. it is, actually all of the books on the tv show Lost are excellent. It wouldn't harm anyone to read them. And many fans are looking these books up and reading them, if only to hope that it may be a clue to what the heck is going on in this tv show!

F.F. No I haven't read his other books oddly enough. But with your recommendation, I will keep my eyes open for Plaque Dogs when out and about.

I think one thing that seems to be a common thread in these reading amterials is they are all set like a metaphor ot allegorical. A sci-fi fantasy world is set up...?

Peter N said...

And that's callled....fiction. I saw your comment on Jess's blog, and decided to stop in. I too am a "Lostoholic", and some of the things you picked up from the show were things that can only be seen with a Hi-Def TV. Or with tremendous eyesight! September can't come soon enough. Take care.

Candy Minx said...

Well, I don't have a high def tv...but I make up for it with other geeky factors, Peter.

I do have digital recording and slow the show down...for example I was so happy to have the digital recording feature for the episode where Locke is trapped but then sees all the black light symbols secretly painted on the wall, I almost fainted! Plus, I follow a couple of fan web boards for Lost...and keep up with interpretations and ideas of REALLY hard core fans ha ha!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sean Perkey said...

i received your post of encouragement on my Blog and wanted to stop by and thank you. It's such a strange thing to be this open about something that I'd just as soon keep private but I guess it's all part of the experiment. So thank you again for your kind thoughts and kinder words.

As for Lost, I regret that I didn't get into it as fast as I should have, However, my brother does have the first season on DVD and if they release the second season before the third starts I may lock myself away in a room and devour the whole lot so that I can join in the fun for third season. I agree with you about Watership Down. I read it as a child and my mother would have us watch the animated version whenever it was on television. The imagry of the blood rushing over the fields freaks me out to this day.

If you'ld like a challenging read you may want to get hold of a book Called The House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. A book comprised of a multi-layerd narative, foot notes that themselves have foot notes, references to hundreds of other books and periodicals both real and fictional, colored text, several different fonts each with its own life and meaning, passages in brail, a chapter where the length of the paragraphs spell out a message in morse code, pages where the words are twisted, bent, crammed into a corner, read backwards, are crossed out or do not exist at all. You can check out for more info.

If you know the book You know what I mean if not you should look for it the nex time you're in a book store. Flip through the pages and I promise you will be intrigued sipmly by the books layout. Oh, as as with LOST there are websites devoted to deciphering this book.

Again, thanks for your post. I look forward to having you stop in when you can.


Jess said...

I am a self-confessed Lost-aholic, just one season removed.

I was alittle slow on the uptake and am now caught up on season one via Netflix and just barely missed the catchup session for season two, so I must again wait for Netflix.

Thoroughly enjoy it though.
Not even a guilty pleasure. Just a pleasure