Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The Cathedral, Norwich


We have looked at a lot of sacred spaces on our travels. This cathedral in Norwich was our first European sacred space. Yes, I posted Stonehenge a few weeks ago but these posts are slightly out of order. So every now and then I'll go back in my photo reel to post something here I didn't do sooner.
This is the gorgeous restaurant at the cathedral. I love the design compliments the original gothic church.
A green man!
The ceilings and cloisters are as stunning as any other part of the church.
In January the church still had Christmas decorations.
Cloisters. The perfect place for a walking meditation.

If one looks up....

Or if one looks down...
A misericordia
This screen was lost in a. cellar for hundreds of years...recently found, restored. Medieval screen.

More fabulous ceilings!
These were carved into stone seats...a game board the priests used to play.
Martin, Ruth and Stagg in the cloisters.

Some of our tea at cafe.
We lit candles...for peace in the world and placed them in this beautiful candle stand.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024



What a thrill to see one of my heroes works in England. What a day. And actually two heroes because the Tate placed a Rothko among Turners work as Rothko admired Turners late paintings (often considered "unfinished")

Here two "unfinished" Turners with the Rothko. What a great room in the gallery!

WalkingIn London


We pretty much walked everywhere. We averaged 30,000 steps. These pics are walking home from the Tate Modern as well as walking around Soho.

Check out all the skateboards thrown off!

This is the bridge where the skateboards cool.

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