Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Work Pic....

 One of my little buddies at one of my jobs...playing on the cash register!

Some Work Type Pics

 I had a very busy set of shifts at one of my jobs this weekend. On Saturday night I opened about 400 beer in three hours. I think thats 2 beer a minute...One of my customers was so fabulous looking I had to take a picture of him. He has the blog Maroon GodsHe had the coolest hat on! I told him I was gonna put him here on my blog and I hope he stops by to see this picture.
 Jumping back a couple weeks in time...I helped some friends band do some behind the scenes preparing. Our friends band Yellow Jacket had a show at goose island Brewery with Automagik. See pictures below. Carlo hosted the band Automagik and we wanted to make their hotel room really fun. Automagik was driving into town at midnight or so and we got into the room forst and put beer, flowers and some chocolates, cheese and crackers. Turns out their gig in Madison was cancelled, they got to the room about an hour later super depressed...their van had broken down too...but they got their spitits lifted when they saw all the treats we left in their room!

Here is the band after they got in the room and their van had broken down and their gig was cancelled...and guess what? Automagik is back in town in a week for Battle of The Bands.

Friday, July 20, 2012


 A couple weeks ago our friends played with a couple bands at Goose Island Brewery. One of the bands was called Automagik and I think they might get famous one day. They were terrific.

 The pic above is my favourite shot of the night. Classic band stuff. And below is a bunch of us at 5:30 in the morning stopping for hot dogs.
And here is a video of Automagik playsing a few months ago...

Thursday, July 19, 2012


There is a dancer on this season of So You Think You Can Dance who I love! He is Cyrus and he usually dances as "animator". Here is his style in video below:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And The Winner Is...

Thanks to blog visitors who entered this raffle. And thanks to Susan at Simon And Schuster who approached me with such a fun idea. I hope to do more raffles here in the future. It was so much fun! And congrats to the winner. You should recieve the CD in a few days!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Shakespeare Redux

 Not many people can pull off a plaid suit! Hey...hey how about entering a RAFFLE...just leave me a comment here or in previous post and you're entered. You can win an audio version of Cumming performing MACBETH. All the parts!
Article from Daily Beast about Alan Cumming

Friday, July 13, 2012

Please Please Please

Let it be Seth Meyers who takes over as co-host on LIVE with Kelly Ripa.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


 Hello Visitors to this blog! I have been approached by Simon and Schuster Publishers with a fun idea. They have offered me a copy of Alan Cummings  performing MacBeth to help launch their release of the CD version.

Here is a preview link with an interview of Alan Cummings about the work. Please click the hypertext to see interview.
 To enter the RAFFLE please leave a comment below. Say anything, hello, or maybe with your impressions from Alan Cummings interview and why you would be interested in winning this CD version of MacBeth. I will make a draw from the list of all participants who leave a comment and announce the winner on JULY 18th, next Wednesday. Have fun and I hope you enter and leave a comment!
ADDED: Here is a review of the performance check it out

Monday, July 09, 2012

Feel Good Movie Of The Century: Sex, Lies and G-strings

 I've been madly in love with a few movie stars. There are some actors who have consumed my imagination. They are so complete in a role have such a wonderful charisma and often play roles that have won my heart. Some of these obsessions over the years have been Gene Kelly (I mean look at that build, a solid man-body that can move like water and charm and sexy!) Al Pacino (loved him all my life) Matthew Modine (fell in love with him at an afternoon showing of Vision Quest) Bratt Pitt (as soon as Thelma And Louise ended my friend Jill and I were "who was that guy!?") Keanu Reeves (love love love YOU), Cary Grant, (need I explain? the best, Bringing Up Baby) Buster Keaton (sexy and funny) Matthew MaConnnaughey (a gorgeous man not afraid to look like a total fool)

No one is more surprised than me that I have gone gaga over Channing Tatum. A few years ago when I was bartending on Queen Street East, my co-worker Jamie used to rag on me that "You only like the pretty boys". I was like, "No I don't... they like me, I can't help it."  There is just something awful about only liking pretty boys. I resisted his opinion even as this very pretty guy was picking me up after work. No, I'm not that shallow, really. I don't just love the pretty boys...and I say this even as I realize I was lucky enough to fall in love with the prettiest boy of them all, my Stagg. Pretty and wonderful!

So, my denial of liking pretty boys at bay...it's no surprise that I would be heading out to the new dance movie Magic Mike as soon as possible. After all a movie cast of half a dozen pretty boys...naked...hello. I LOVE dance movies. Two words, right? Gene Kelly. One of my first movie loves. I obsess over So You Think You Can Dance and have seen most dance movies in theatres as soon as they come out. Magic Mike is as good as they get.
 Okay. Channing Tatum is gorgeous. But this kid can act. Not only was he every bit as hilarious as Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street (I give that movie 8/10) but he has a kind of sincerity that really surfaces on film. It took me a while to "get" this actor...I did kind of type cast him as a cute dancer but not my type. I had no idea years ago that the star of Step Up would become one of my new fave actors. It has happened!
 Magic Mike is a "backstage story". Behind the scenes and the chemistry, hard knocks and lucky breaks of performers. Think All That Jazz, Caberet. A Chorus Line, Tootsie. Stuntman, Postcards From The Edge. Director Steven Soderbergh is someone who I am always very interested to see his movies. Some I am not a big fan of...but when he blew everyones minds winning Cannes best picture with a film he wrote in 8 days...he is someone I pledged to watch. I used to own a video copy of sex lies and videotape. I must have watched it 50 times...I just loved it. It summed up everything one could aspire for in a  script. Simple, complex, funny, disturbing and honest and with a lot of heart. James Spader became an indie god and the bad luck of Andie MacDowell changed forever. Directing supermodel Andie MacDowlell into a movie star was a miracle of lore and magic in Hollywood land. He has done it again with Channing Tatum. I am really impressed that a guy made this movie and it feels manly, masculine, sexy, and it taps into women and seems to be made for women to thoroughly enjoy...and I believe that a fair, confident straight guy might get a real kick out of this movie. Obviously gay guys are all over this movie. This movie kicks Brokeback Mountain's ass.
 Dance movies with really good acting, beautiful artistic cinematography, decent plots and anthropological insights are very very rare. Magic Mike is all that. Channing Tatum has a similar non-threatening presence much like Keanu Reeves. The reason I like him so much is because he has an easy masculine charm as well as a strange elusive androgyny. I really feel he loves women. I can't remember loving a dancer like this since Gene Kelly.

Magic Mike backstage genre offers layers of reverie for behind the scenes of The American Dream and is an excellent metaphor for being an artist, a film maker and the corruption of the capitalist dictatorship of the United States. It also riffs on porn movies with it's hazy shots of construction workers, prosaic meetings in tropical houses, and characters who all know that we are animals capable of having sex twenty times a day. And although it does have insight into how difficult it is to live an honest hard working life and follow ones dreams it also functions perfectly as "entertainment" with a lot of fun dancing, humour, and chemistry between the love interests. Its dark side doesn't remain trapped existentially, there is a way out. Women have been watching movies about themselves in this role and setting for decades. A really wonderful aspect of this movie is seeing men in these roles and it not being a complete tragedy (like Midnight Cowboy or American Gigilo). Watching men struggle with issues women deal with all the time is quite rewarding...there are morality lessons here but they are portrayed freshly via gender-bending. As a genre-bending movie this is one of it's best accomplishments.

This is a damn fun movie. And don't even get me started about Matthew McConnaughy. He appears under-used at first...like a gimmick...he is fantastic...but he hits his stride as a supporting actor in this movie towards the final scenes. He is beyond good. He really really is perfect. We know this guy. He is one of the climaxes of the movie and I did not see it coming at all. He should get an Oscar nomination for this role. So should Tatum. McConnaughy just might but I doubt Tatum will. The good news is Tatum will get a lot more roles where he'll be able to show us all his acting chops.

I can not wait to see this movie again. And again! Obviously I'm giving it a 10/10.

 And here is Channing Tatums beautiful talented wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum. They met on the set of Step Up. Go dancers go!

I can't wait to drag my pretty boy husband to see this movie!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Percolator Stuff

I picked up a super little coffee percolator a couple weeks ago. It's stainless steel and makes a dleicious smooth cup of coffee....fast. I don't know if you can tell the scale of the cup but thats a classic dinner set cup of coffee and saucer. It's about 6 ounces. Thats a coffee cup and saucer from Grandma's set. There was a time when THAT was a cup of coffee. Six to 8 adults could have morning coffee all at once, twice. I wonder when exactly coffee became giant cups. Maybe with the domestic pottery hobbies? People started making coffee cups super huge? I also like a big mug of coffee or tea...but I love drinking out of china dishes too.

My dad had a little story about being in Rome and drinking latte. He said he was at a barista stand and he said out loud, when I get back home I've got to cut down on coffee. And the Barista said to him "Oh that is you americans. You take things so far drinking three four cups of coffee a day. Here we drink a couple latte or cappuccino and we never have to quit"

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

And Lots Of Walking

 We have to stop at the Billy Goat Tavern. this is the actual joint that inspired John Belushi and SNL sketch "cheesborger no coke pepsi"

 Good ol United States marketing...tommy gun 1920'2 designed vodka bottle. And a hunters rifle.
 Walking along the Magnificent Mile on a beautiful hot afternoon.

 Millenium Square...visitrs here know how much I love the patio right under Cloud Gate.
A night shot of the El Train.


 We've had lots of visitors this week from Toronto and Vancouver. Its been a great visit and really was so good to be with family and friends!

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