Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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The Spy In The Cold

Been following the Cameron Ortis spy case as much as is barely possible right now.


VICE this is a good one because it hints at charges

This is an excellent exploration of what the organized crime connection to this case provides criminals on CBC link

National Post article including a high school yearbook photo

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Behind The Scenes Of Podcast

Thats my mic and desk. Eugene and I record over Skype. Movie tickets from The Gene Siskel Film Centre are there to remind me to talk about what movies I saw this week.

We have started out a little slow getting both our mics up and going but after a few minutes we start to roll.
Someone asked for a pic of my car. In the first podcast I talk about i. My little Cabrio convertible here is in New York City. It's been to Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Connecticut, NYC, Memphis, New Mexico, Yellowstone and many other road trips. I probably take my car much longer distances than other people and sometimes it gets engine trouble.
In first podcast I mention I had to prime a guitar for Stagg to paint and auction off at a fundraiser. I had to leave Chicago to get spray paint as spray paint is illegal in the City of Chicago. I felt so badass.
I taped off the hardware and took the guitar out back in landlords garden to spray paint.
Here is one of Eugenes books. You can order it on Amazon

All of our tables have bevelled edges a fact I did not notice till I tried to vice grip the wind protector onto a small table. Second episode I have some troubles. Yes, that is my famous "Cunt Chair" in the back ground.
Here is a little detail of what Stagg is painting on this guitar. These are there famous sculptures in downtown Chicago. The "Cloud Atlas" or nicknamed "bean" is reflecting the Chicago flag.

Here is my shameless plea for you to visit our iTunes page and click "subscribe"...please please
Here is the link for podcast iTunes page. This weeks episode is called I SAY STRIPPER, YOU SAY SUBMARINE.

And if you want to hear Eugenes perspective on this process please visit his blog 27th Street here.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Agency....Our Podcast

The Americans

Oh my god I love this show...I watched first two seasons...they got Stagg involved so we are watching those now...so juicy!!!

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