Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hanging Around Downtown

 Stagg and I spent the day walking around, stopping for snacks and drinks and looking at art. What a great day!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sketches And Auditions

 I am still conducting a couple of auditions this weekend. Last week we met with actors in a somewhat formal atmosphere. This weekend I'm meeting with three actors who were not available this week and we are going to meet in coffee shops. Sometimes, with independent film you've got to do things outside the norm...accommodating people who support their art work, acting and music with "real jobs" means meeting up when ever we can.
 I've done a few sketches to think about wardrobe and the characters. I also search around for photos of clothes that might represent a character. For example in the sketch above the character is wear a Ferrari Jacket and here is a photo of such a jacket. I just keep building a file of images and notes.

 Here is another actor I auditioned this week. And below is a sketch because once I met her...her energy started to inspire me to think of her clothes.

 And another example of looking at an actor, their body type and sketching quick ideas.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Drench Me!

Wow I feel like I want to run out and buy bottles of Chanel %!


 Auditioning is a very fun part of making a movie. I really enjoy it. I love actors so much and am always so fascinated by how each person has their own unique energy, charisma and persona to offer and explore. We auditioned a few people today...and as soon as I met the actor in these two pics I knew she would be perfect for one of my characters. The actors had prepared 2-5 minute monologues which they performed, and we told them about the outline of our film. We also found out a little bit abut them as people as we sat chatting and they found out a bit about us. Auditioning also really inspires me about the actual work to come and it really makes it real. Making a film is a little like starting up a train and once it gets going it can feel like it has its own engine marching forward.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

On Our Way!

A quick update about the film we're working on...we spent a fabulous day last week scouting locations.  We also put out casting calls and have auditions on Tuesday and Thursday next week. We plan on completing principal photography by mid-November. Im really excited about meeting the actors next week. Im not going to write a lot of details about the film and content but I am going to post pics of the actors, the auditions and various aspects of the process over the next couple of weeks. It feels so good to be working on this!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Lists, Goals, Changes!

Hi friends and visitors...I made a list of goals last time I blogged and I should have added "blog more"!

I am in pre-production of a short film project with my friend Zandra...which was one of the first goals I posted in my previous list. YAY! We were location scouting yesterday...have auditions on Tuesday and plan on filming by middle of November.

I have many new things to write about here....but for now I hope to get home tonight and post some photos I've taken recently.
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