Monday, October 31, 2022

My Etsy Page!


Check out my ETSY PAGE...thank you! 

Three cheers to Stagg for being one of my models...thill I get a manequin LOL

I've been sewing....and I'm making cover-ups....or caftans if you will. Perfect for the beach, a music festival or walking from your hotel room through the casino to the pool. 

Cheating At Chess


This episode lets us find out what Eugene really thinks about the early stages of the chess scandal thats rocked the world. The devil really does go down to Georgia....and meets with Dennis McCarthy.

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Ghost Army


What do Bill Blass, Star Wars, spy novels and fiddles have in common? Who knows but this episode brings them all together.

Can You Separate The Art FromThe Artist?


Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Honourary Sleeves


Professor Vernon Cisney gave photographer Beowulf Sheehan honourary sleeves after the closing event of the Cormac McCarthy Society conference. Beowulf Sheehan was our keynote speaker then we walked down the street from the conference to an art gallery where we could see his prints of Cormac McCarthy. Vernon is on the far right of the photo below. What a fun group of people I met this conference!

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