Friday, February 28, 2020

Magic, Esoterism and Occultism

We had a great time interviewing George Sieg for this podcast. A lot to think about!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Fashion Activism...Special Guest!!!!!

We are so excited that we have special guests for the next couple weeks on THE AGENCY. This episode is an interview with a bright amazing Witchita-based academic Abigail Roush. Abigail tells us about the dire situation we face just from our decadent clothing waste. She shares some facts and some ways to build forward. We hope you enjoy tis episode! We also have two other guests coming up in the next few days.

Tell us what you think, our feelings, opinions ideas!!!!

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Brixers And The Gang

 We had so much fun and going out to eat after all day sessions at the PopCulture Cnvention was half the fun!!! Above, left...side of table front above, Stagg, Cheryl, Kelly, Rick, Rachel...right side feont Jeff, Katherine, Allen, James, Chris and Todd.

 Okay...from front left side of table...Todd Womble, Christopher Porter, James Boucher, Allen Josephs, Katherine Sugg and Jeff Scarbia....on right sode of table front Rachel.....Rick Wallach, Kelly James, Cheryl and Stagg

Mural In Downtown Alburquerque

 We love Alberquerque!!!! Stagg and I just love looking at the murals, checking out the buildings and coffee shops.

Sky City

 During our time in New Mexico we drove out to Pueblo Acoma...or Sky City...a community that has been living almost 400 feet up on a stone promontory continuously for a 100 years. This was an amazing experience and we are so grateful they shared their hoe with us for a visit. The museum was really incredible too.

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