Thursday, August 30, 2012


I watched a few movies this past weekend as I nursed a cold. I loved the dress Irene Dunne is wearing above in The Awful Truth. And then when reading the other day in the ginormous September issue of VOGUE Prada had several suits and dresses with a similar diamond on them. Weird how you notice certain patterns certain times...I found that cover of and the model's shirt is even cut the same as Irene Dunne's dress. Dunne's dress was costume designed by Robert Kalloch.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Girls Soundtrack

Best tv show Ever. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this program!!!! The young woman who wrote and created this show is a bloody genius and I hate her!!! It's just that good. Thought I might put some music from the soundtrack on here.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cult Character Maker, R.I.P.

 I'm just stunned about the news of Tony Scott ending his own life. You know I can't even imagine. As much as it's tragic when a young person dies...isn't it a different kind of sorrow when an older person dies by their own hand? It's like...whatever life is throwing at you....haven't you got kind of used to it yet? Haven't you got your head around that now? I guess it contests the stereotype of wisdom and age. I am so very sad to hear that tony Scott has died, and even sadder thinking about his family and children...and that we won't have any more movies made by him. I have been a huge fanatic fan of his movies...ever since seeing The Hunger. The Hunger pretty much was one of the most influencial films on my life and on the life of many of friends who I used to go clubbing's kind of the ultimate "dance club movie".No self-respecting goth hasn't obsessed on the clothes, the soundtrack and the make-up in that movie.
 There are some directors that once they make 3 movies I like...I will see ALL of their movies and Tony Scott was such a director. I've not only seen all his movies a couple of times, there are many I've seen dozens of times. His movies contained some of the most notable characters in movie history and it seems best to let the characters represent how much I love his films that have become cult favourites over the last thre edecades.
 His most recent movie was Unstoppable and like many contained disaster movies I love seeing how a film works out the puzzles involved in restrictions of the plot. I thought this was a very well-done story and action film.
 The gorgeous glamourous Catherine Denueve in The Hunger And of course...David Bowie. Move over Twilight fans...these are fucking vampires.

 I saw Spy Games on the U.S. east coast in a little seaside town with my sister. We were on a  raod trip after staying Washington D.C. and working our way down the east coast...and it seemed fitting that we see this movie after hanging out in D.C. a spy capital. I became somewhat obsessed with this movie as it is a study of contemporary spying with old school spying. Redford does everything by tedious tricky basic spying. It's really a wonderful of it's genre.

 Just character after character made watching a Scott movie a delight...Gary Oldman as some kind of twisted dreadlock gangster. Christopher Walken has a face off in one of film histories most fammous showdowns...with Dennis Hopper.

Denzil Washington has a classic tragic hero role in Man On Fire.

I saw Enemy Of The State with a friend in Vancouver who grew up with Ridley and Tony Scott. She went to school with them and was a lifelong friend of them especially Tony Scott. She once rode all over Los Angeles on the back of a motorcycle with her old school buddy once and I shall hold this image in my head of an artist who in my perspective had accomplished so much in film and seemed to live a life of fun and adventure too. It's so sad to think someone with his talent, lifestyle, experience and success could not find peace of mind...but it is also a reminder that those things are not the source of peace of mind.

"Life is serious but art is fun" The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Walk With Me

 I love this new series and yay! It's been picked up for a second season. I think Jeff Daniels is so good. He's always been a great actor but here he gets to really work. Remember how he reacted when he was in the movie Speed how he looked when he knew the bomber Dennis Hopper had trapped him and he was about to die in a second. The look on his face was such mad skills. He can use them all here. He has one episode where he played baked so perfectly. This series is an ensemble drama but it is also wonderfully understatedly funny. Absolute Aaron Sorkin. (The West Wing, The American President and The Social Network).  And there are classic Aaron sorkin "walk with me" moments...this program has edge, fun, sorrow and red flag topics.

 Jane Fonda has a small role as the owner of the corporate network. I am so excited she has this role and she has a lot of meat to explore with this ruthless character. I hope we see more of her next season.
What is the attraction of Aaron Sorkins work? I know a few things and the most obvious is "the good writing" but for me it's the look at working. The insight we get to see about working, about being used so completely at one's job, mentally, physically, intellectually and the community energy of people we work with in those few jobs that exist that seem so important and relevant in our culture. Most of us, myself included, do not have "valuable, ethically important" jobs like the ones in Sorkin's set pieces but we can relate to the moments when these shows and our own jobs and lives cross over. There is a kind of wish-fullfillment aspect to watching these work environments. And The Newsroom offers such great people watching moments mixed in with very difficult compromises and accomplishments that we all feel at times in our jobs, however alienating and unimportant we might think our jobs to be.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

This Week In Pics

 We went to a showcase performance at Fort Knox Studios a few days ago. Here are Tricia and Stagg in the parking lot of the Studios. Our friends Tony and Carlos have a practice space in the posh building. Check out that Harley below with the Batman logo on the side. Sweet ride.

 Hanging out watching the big screen tv before the show. We watched some classic concert footage of Guns and rose and Led Zepplin. Nice! there's Axl Rose in some short shorts.

 Here is Carlo playing with Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick!
 Hanging out in the practice space...

 Tony and Dania and Dom in rehearsal space slash office area...

 Two turntables...

 We did a lot of driving back and forth to Wisconsin...
 Super cute puppy, about 13 weeks old, at pet store..and there you have it...a good representation of a week in my life..

How Can You Tell It Was The 90's?

It was the best of times, it was......the 1990's. 1994 to be exact. We blasted off late at night on a Greyhound bus to visit our friend Dan and stay with him in NYC. We went to a Puerto rican drag club, we went to Strand books, The Empire State building, every coffee shop in the lower east side and a birthday party!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

New Faves In Video

Here is a very suave Pitbull. what a fantastic dance song!

I LOVE this video...I love the idea of each of the band having their own style in rig trucks. Well done! Love you Gwen!

This is just a dam good video. I love how the garage down to earth rock sound goes with the theme visually of low-tech throughout the video.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Pastoral Moment

 Right now today is absolutely beautiful weather. There is Stagg doing some gardening and Trica is sunbathing. What a fabulous day to be in the back yard!
 We got to see automagik again the other night...they were ina  battle of the bands on Saturday.
 Stagg and I had some errands and meetings in wisconsin and I drove him and Tricia back and forth across the cheese curtain several times. Here is Stagg taking a break in a nice little park near some factories.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A Pit Stop

Back to paperwork and red tape...some good things this week some challenging...just recharging...
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