Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Candy tries the impossible: discussing The Mandalorian with a non Star Wars fan. Eugene explores the outdoors in the time of quarantine. Other topics include turning to familiar food, looking for rice and comfort tv.
You can tell when Candy edits the audio for an episode because she likes using sound effects with Eugene's banjo stylings. Thank you for listening! 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Magic On The Agency Podcast

Eugene Knapik and Candy Minx interview professional magician Al James on recent podcast. Hope you enjoy the conversation. Email us and let us now how you are coping with #stayhome. What are you doing to pass the time, massive spring cleaning? Jigsaw puzzles> Reading? Bingeing?

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Here is our conversation with Chicago-based magician Al James

Monday, March 23, 2020

Jigsaw Puzzles

If you can’t feel sheer panic in a pandemic when can you? The actual appropriate emotions for this situation is existential angst, paranoia or panic. Feel it it’s okay....then talk yourself down. Or ask for someone to talk you down. 
You can phone me if you want. For the last six weeks I have often woken (after having trouble falling asleep) to a sense of falling or loss. I don’t suffer from Existentialism (I recovered from that as a teen healing from childhood trauma, and exploring meditation) . However I do have anxiety times. I lead a very risk-assessment lifestyle based on past losses. And pretty much any suffering is a trigger. I have recently joked “I’ll choose class war over this virus.” If we could bargain for suffering inequality is looking a lot better. In the movie The Matrix we see that there are worse things than a boring job or death: you could be a battery. 
 Rev Patti of the Buddhist Temple of chicago is conducting movie discussions. We met in video conference call to discuss "Parasite" and the "Last Black Man In San Francisco" and Buddhism last week. This coming week we are going to discuss Buddhism and "The Godfather". At home Stagg and I are watching tons of stuff. We did retrospective of Steven Soderberg movies and Adam Sandler movies. I also highly recommend "Hey Big Boy" stand up comic on Netflix.

I did have a moment of sheer panic a month ago when it really hit me how bad this is, with information from my family, and them telling me to "get ready."My mind was really struggling to overcome a feeling of chaos. We each need to find out what are the things in life that help us feel peace of mind.... and then what is peace of mind? When I get anxious I get “agitated depression.” It’s very practical like cleaning the house, organizing shelves.... and that is helpful in many ways. A doctor recognized that in me and I had to come to terms with not letting “being busy” rule my life. Corporate world views say we should be busy. Adages like “busy hands are happy hands” are how control systems control us. 
Hang in there. Feel afraid that is the appropriate emotion. That means you are well-adjusted. Then.... find out what lies on the other side of fear. 
I hope you come up with new ways to live, new ways to make a living and new ways to build community.
Now I’m going out to the nightclub. And by nightclub I mean the grocery store. Yes risk assessment changes in our lives. Phone me if you are losing it I can talk you down. Remember nothing is under control and it never was. Now where is that piped in Muzak.....I need some vegies....the second pic is a jigsaw I started about 2 years ago and put away in an inflatable puzzle container that saves your work. The book is the magician we interviewed in our last podcast.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Get In Line

You know whats handy when we have a climate of social distancing? Our podcast.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Bad Ass Mugs

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Monday, March 09, 2020

Influencer, R.I.P.

Influencer, R.I.P. I love this guy. He has been in the movies that reverberated through cultures. You never had to see an Igmar Bergman movie but you have been infused with their powerful visual and philosophical influences. Max Von Sydow is an actor god in the stories that have created our views of the world. Three Days of the Condor. The Seventh Seal. Star Wars. Game of Thrones. And a little ditty called The Exorcist. We’ve lost a continent today. The Seventh Seal taps into our unconsciousness and is perhaps more relevant today than its original release. Sydow is a knight that comes back fromThe Crusades to find the land ravaged by a plague and the death of spirituality. Sounds like 2020! to me.

Friday, March 06, 2020

Kelly James Interview For Blood Meridian

Hope you enjoy Kelly James paper for recent convention in New Mexico!

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Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Part 2

 Kelly, Katherine, Rachel, Stagg and Allen at lunch. Amazing green chili stew.

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

"Circular Reasoning" in Blood Meridian by Kelly James

We intervewed Kelly James after the Southwest Conference for American Popular Culture last week and we recorded his presentation in full. I hope fans of Blood Meridian will enjoy James Kelly's innovative thoughts and approach. The photo below is where we recorded this episode in the library at Hotel Andaluz. Please email us and let us know what you think at

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center 1

 Rachel and Katherine at lunch.

Hotel Andaluz Part 2

 The photo below is where we recorded auxilary content for our podcast. I've included some of the archival photos in this library here.

 We love the art and confortable unique design of this hotel in Alberquerque.

 The old the store is smaller less products which include shampoo and hotel robes for sale.

 The hotel was built in 1939. Here is anothe rold photo of customers from back when.

 The lobby is stunnng.

 Yes, this is the same Hilton family hotel business. This wa sConrad Hiltons fifth hotel and he was from New Mexico

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