Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thank You For Listening!


Thank you for listening to THE AGENCY PODCAST!!!! We really appreciate you spending time with Eugene and I. Eugene is back this week and we talked about all kinds of stuff.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Jason Messinger Art Studio

If you're in the Chicago area and looking for ceramics and tiles please visit our friend  Jason Messinger's art studio in the Cornelia Arts building.
1800 W Cornelia Ave, Chicago, IL 60657


Guest Host Sarah: The Bad Vegan, Tinder Swindler, The Puppet Master


Eugene was away this week and our special corespondant Sarah Elliot joined me and we talked about the mass amounts of "con artist" crime documentaries streaming right now. out!

Best Movie Of 2022

Eugene and I both saw EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE and we both loved it. Best's hard to imagine another movie even coming close this year. I went back and saw it again with Stagg. Eugene and I talk about it on the podcast which you can listen to below...


The Agents VS Technology


Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Fun With Hunter


I went to an event at Staggs work for Hard Rock Cafe. That's Hunter and I went to Nashville to see Madonna in 2018. I might have shared pics here I should look...

Monday, April 11, 2022

New Place


I washed all the furniture three times to reove the soot first with "magic sponges. Then a wipe down with "Simple Green", and then a final rinse. But they came out fantastic. All the art I wiped down with "chem sponges." And our ne place hardly smells like smoke...every day it gets better. I also put charcoal filters everywhere...they really help!
These lovely ladies helped me move a bunch of stuff last Sunday. They  brought tons of energy to my tired self after a month of packing. We went out for amazing Mexican food after the moving.

Shirt from clothing designer NEONBOMBDESIGNZ

Landlord's Fire


As some of you may know from Facebook or online book clubs...our landlord had a fire on their wooden firescape a month ago. NO ONE WAS HURT. At that time, our apartment seemed to escape unscathed. However, they had another fire 29 hours later...and our apartment got the brunt of it as it began in the basement below us and came up through the pantry. I thought I would share pics here for those of you I know who are not on social media. 
With the second fire...our apartment got smoked out. one hurt as none of us was around, it happened at 3 in the morning and we had all left the building two days before. As you see in the pictures...they really tore up the place. I began the salvage of our art work and books. I had culled a lot of our bok collection over the pandemic as a project to "download" our stuff. But we kept all our art history books, artist books, and my research books (which are pretty expensive) So for the past four weeks...every day weather permitting I wentinto the old apartment and used "chem sponges" to wipe down each book and each apinting.

During the first fire, at 9 pm the firefighters putting out the blaze on wooden fire deck.

You can see the chem sponges on the table...they are vulcanized rubber latex. Very effective. They remove the soot which is the source of uncomfortable smoke smells.
The next day after the first fire. 
Our pantry after the second fire.
The pace was rubble after the second fire was extinguished.

I have completely salvaged what I could...most of our art work and most of the books. Our collages were more vulnerable as they are often made out of one can't wipe off the soot. But we feel very grateful to be safe and we have found a place to stay a block away...which I will post pics of later today or tomorrow.Above is the dumpster...which demo crew filled up completely last week by Friday. We are officiially out of our old place.

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