Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Starting to paint...Sean

Sean is trying to lose 250lbs. He is raising money for diabetes research and he started a blog to document and reflect on his goals and feelings and journey. I said, I'll make a painting and we'll see if we can sell it for part of his goals. You just meet some people and get a good feeling from them. Sean emailed me a photo of himself and I got it early this morning. I like the Kawaski looking over us.

I am playing Cake while working away here, I noticed that some of Sean's workout music is Cake. That is a pasta scoop on my desk. I don't eat pasta, but it makes an awesome back scratcher...and that is why it's on my desk.

It's about 6a.m. when I got this photo in my email...and I've got my plaid flannel robe on while drinking tea and messing around with paint this morning. Cheers!

Here are some of the materials I use to make paintings. I use about 90% recylced materials from magazines, packaging like cereal or tea boxes and stuff I find outside in the street. I've got three grocery store bags which I will collage together. I love grocery bags and brown kraft paper to paint on.


thehealingroom said...

Hi Candy,

thanks for setting up the link on my blog to Sean's blog; Watch My Loss.

I have started to read his journey. He is embarking on a Hero's Journey, for sure.

Worthy of a portrait by you. I am really enjoying watching your process through photograghs.

Thanks for sharing.
Blogging IS cool!


Wow!! Lookin' great Minxie! Yer a talented girl and then some!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

getting a heavy, Ernesto "Che" Guevara vibe here.

He is handling the money. He's serving the food
He knows about your party. He is calling you "DUDE!"

Sean Perkey said...


I love what you're doing so far! You have some serious talent. I can't wait to see the final image!
woo exciting!

me said...

you wanna do me next? i mean paint me, obviously. i know 4d reads this and i know how his mind works. like a welsh railway. one track and filthy!

fifipoo07 said...

I saw about this on his blog,that's how I found you. It looks cool so far. Will add you to my blogroll so that others can come see progress, and maybe get to his site as well. Frustrated. http://philippasdailynewsplanet.blogspot.com

rauf said...

Rich saturated colours, you have a load of talent Candy. Recycled material is a good idea but your efforts deserve a canvas.

Candy Minx said...

Hi okay...F.F. I'll work on you LATER! That would be fun!

Hi Rauf, thank you...um I have done lots of stuff on canvas, and still do. Actually, the paper has a kind of longevity that might be associated with canvas...but I also just love painting on paper and all the layers of collaging. But you make a good point, I could be doing all of this on canvas as well.

They have a really cool texture in person though with all the layers of papers.

Thanks parnellpr 4D, WW and HR.

me said...

you will need a much bigger canvas i'm afraid!

fifipoo07 said...

Hey, tried to post this earlier but browser was misbehaving. Got inspired by your comment on Paris Hilton to see what the fuss was about, and I wrote a post on what I thought. I hated it I have to say, although, she CAN sing. I thought her voice was going to be terrible, and it was alright, kind of debbie harry. Thanx 4 commenting. Come back if u like. Pippa

Billy Guilfoyle said...

The evolution of a Sean. Diggin it!

Cool Cake reference from someone earlier.

And cool Joseph Campbell reference from someone even earlier in these comments.

Create away!

A-List said...

WOW amazing so far!!!

Candy Minx said...

Hi y'all!

Slowly but surely...thanks for saying hi and positive reports...!

me said...

alright, someone has to ask eventually, and it looks like it is down to me. how was her madge-isty?

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