Monday, July 07, 2008

4 Muses

I made a big mistake the other night.

I went to see Sex and the City without a box of tissue.

Love, romance, cum shots. Perfect chick flick. For fans of the HBO series like myself, the movie was like a great big truck pulling into a loading dock. It delivers. If you like design and shoes and beautiful art direction the movie is worth it for those alone. The actors are wonderful as is the writing. I know comedies don't get Oscar nods very often but I hope Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, of the 4 Muses, and writer Michael Patrick King get noms come this spring. Four years after the series ended I wasn't expecting such an emotional rollercoaster ride. One minute I was crying only to see a sight gag so funny I almost choked on my organic carob bon bon. A conflict occurs between two characters that percolates under the plot and one particular tragedy adding a tension waiting to explode. The script and characters honor human relationships: vocalizing fear, loyalty and listening are exulted to become noble acts of love. Sharing emotions separates us from other species as gods and goddesses in Sex and The City. We're only as sick as our secrets. Maybe nobody knows that more than women.

The sex scenes are excellent and ofter a variety of responses including erotica, humour, aesthetical nudes and sentimental moments. Two shower scenes throw it down. One such scene is so sexy a mass suspension of breathing could be heard by a group moan rivaled only by Naveen Andrews when he flipped his wet shampooed hair in The English Patient. If you're a woman or gay you'll know what I mean. Soapy sud scenes have an unofficial ranking system based on Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in Out of Africa and this regenerating movie gives lots of money shots. Too bad so many men dislike listening to women talk. They will have missed a sexy, funny profound buddy movie.


pjazzypar said...

I never really watched "Sex In The City" very much (too cheap to pay for HBO), however I am familiar with the characters. For the most part I liked each woman, especially Kim Catrall's slutty portrayal. On your recommendation I am going to go and check out the film.

By the way, you have some great pieces of art on your other blog. You should do a Thursday Thirteen on your artwork.

Red said...

Wow, that is a glowing review! I have heard mixed things about SATC the Movie, but I think I will give it a go. After all, I used to love the TV series so much! In fact, Asterisk and I are working our way through the entire series now. We've just got to the episode where Aidan is sanding Carrie's floor, she goes to stay at a hotel and ends up sleeping with Big. How did she let Aidan get away, eh?

Anyway, I read the plot of the film for the first time last night, and I had no idea what it would be about. I thought it was just "the wedding". So now, with an idea of the plot and your fab review, I will definitely see it!

Candy Minx said...

Pjazzypar, the main reason I prefer the original airing...or dvd versions, of this series is because it is censored on regular cable. Some of the humour and creativity of this show is that the humanity lies behind some edgy/risky language and behaviour. I love Samantha...Kim Catrall is as ever, brilliant in the movie role. Thanks for looking at my art work. Wow. Um, I really MUST get back into Thursday Thirteen, although I think I did do a TT list of some paintings a while back.

Red, part of the rollercoaster ride for me was that I didn't have a clue about the plot. I don't know if it will have the same stress levels for you if you sort of know whats going to happen...but on the other hand less stress is a good thing. I was so uncomfortable emotionally waiting to see what was going to happen...heh heh. I was very invested in the characters during the movie. I think that is critical. At first when the movie began...I thought uh oh...I may not be into this...but next thing I knew. BOOM. Suspension of disbelief.

* (asterisk) said...

Haha! I fear it will be tamed slightly: fewer "fucks" and "cunts" in order to appeal to a broader demographic. You've partly relieved my fears, so fingers crossed!

Candy Minx said...

Actually Asterisk, I don't remember any swearing, but I don't usually notice stuff like that. I think it is focused on finding the drama through story in the movie rather than a lot of the usual funny things going on in the tv show. But it really is good I think.

Janet said...

Was it the bathing suit scene that made you almost choke? That cracked me UP!

Naveen Andrews has the most beautiful curly hair...maybe I'll have to see The English Patient!

Janet said...

ohohoh and that picture with this post...where is that from? It's SO cool, and a bit scary :-)

Anonymous said...

I actually saw SATC for the second time about 10 days ago (I own the entire series) because a friend wanted company, and I must say, it played a lot better for me the second time, although I still don't think Jennifer Hudson was a brilliant addition.

My first impression was that it lacked the intimacy of the series, and certainly, that as opposed to the series, where the ladies' fascination with labels/fashion was most often played for laughs (and usually got them in trouble) the movie was agog--and I'm sorry, but that bag Carrie gives Louise--unbelievably ugly--no matter what designer label it wears! The late voice-over from Carrie about labeling people sorta made up for this. But having said that, I did love the look of the movie--I thought they all looked spectacular, particularly in the wedding clothes.

On second viewing, I felt more of my familiarity with the characters return. I also completely appreciate that even though they have their lives with their men, the movie, as in the series, returned in the end to their friendship.

my .02--

Stagg said...

Janet, yes, it was the bathing suit that had me choking with laughter. The photo above is one I found when I googled "four goddesses" I forgot to link the site...and of course now...I can't find it. It is from Burning Man, that I do know!

Serafina thanks for the comment. That was fun! See ya later tongnight!

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