Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just Around

Walking to endless offices doing seemingly endless paperwork.

Here is Tricia back from we had to take her to this place called Avant Garde which featured Bulgarian tv and menu. I like it because it reminds me of Scarface.

An awesome busker on the Blue Line.

Looking for cars...

We checked out an Italian Store near grandmas...boy did it make me homesick for Toronto...this is much like a lot of stores and places in west end near Bathurst and College.


ashramblings said...

Seeing 'normal' familiar looking shops is adding to my homesickness. The shopping experience is never something I enjoy, but it is so different here. Ok I am used to market stalls for fruit and veg shopping, but I miss the shop displays, whether in windows or on shelves - buying 100g or something and 100g of something else in uniform bags or paper wrapping just isn't so colourful, although I don't miss the excess packaging, but look at your choice, wow! the range of alternatives in the cake display - I've even forgotten what the proper English word is for the name of those glass containers, dah!

mister anchovy said...

That used car sign is excellent.

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