Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Boise And Beyond

A lot of you don't know this, but I had done some contract work for the CBC Newsworld during the 90's. It was some of the most fun working I've ever had and a time period very dear to my heart. Some of the footage and research I did was used and some of it wasn't which is fairly typical of the situation...but always rewarding for me. I was attending a friends wedding in Vegas and the CBC asked me to look into "alternative" lifestyles in Vegas...real people off the strip kind of idea. So I had filmed a lot of interviews with locals who were in the tattoo industry or second hand clothing industry, star gasses for ufos, landscapers and construction workers etc etc. As a side project I thought I would offer the CBC a visit to Area 51. Now this wasnt before X Files so I was a little going as a long time interest in conspiracy theory and X-Files fan...( story didn't get used actually). I had been looking for this so~called UFO experiment way back on another road trip with friends in the early 80s. Maybe growing up west coast and for directory a mum who believed in alien visitations I was a little ahead of the tome once the 90s it got so widespread. I hadn't found this sign (if it even existed in the 80s I wonder?) but I did some work and figured out how to get to Area 51...and I spent a day out there taking pictures and filming. I saw a lot of military aircraft and tinted windowed security vans and the odd freak and student out looking for ufos.

So we leave Las Vegas a few days ago...and we are heading to Boise Idaho because I have spent a fair bit of time in "the west" but Stagg hasn't. He hasnt been to Wy. or Montannna or Idaho...so I figure we can get to Boise. And we're driving and things look familiar from the route the gps has given me and dagnabbit if we don't come right up to the turn off to Area 51. I couldn't believe it! I actually had taken a still photo of my friend jumping in front of this very sign. when I can I will cross reference that for you when I get my picture albulms from Toronto some day. I just was flumoxed to see this sign again I never figured I'd be out this way again. Of course...the ufo secret study research location is not here but another couple hours away...but still...to see this funny sign again really threw me.

So my photo taking has become sort of erratic the past week. No logic. I didn't take one picture of Boise Idaho and it is a very clean friendly pretty town. Stagg is always going to have some funny stories to tell about the place. The best place to be homeless in United States. The homeless people we saw were dressed way better than us and people were talking to them, joking with them, they looked healthy and well fed. We stayed ina hostel (long story) and went out for cocktails and walked around the downtown then went a pub for supper. It was delicious...gourmet upscale mac and cheese. Everything seems upscale in Boise. It might be the Denmark of America. Denmark being one of the happiest places to live on earth (Blue Zone Theory). And I just simply didn't think of taking pics. I've been there a number of times and the evening just flew by. We got up pretty early the next morning and headed to Portland. Stagg has also never been to the Pacific Northwest...and we thought we would stay in Seattle but I wasn't able to drive that long...felt pretty tired and realized that Portland is like the new Barcelona so we should check it out, heh heh. So the following pics are from Portland in no particular order. We found a pub and Stagg got some local brews to sip, I had a vidka tonic. We had an amazing upgraded hotel...just awesome...and we could cook dinner there and so we did and just watched a bunch of tv into the late night. We had visited an outstanding old school record shop, Powells, some outdoor sculpture etc etc.

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