Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quiz Night

Tricia and I been going to a quiz night at a pub in our neighbourhood. Back when we just lived down the street from each other...we didn't know about this quiz night. But now its funny here we are heading out on the CTA to one of our old haunts (soccer mornings and I used to go here to get a pint and some chips when I first came to chicago). Anyways, this is one of the hardest quiz nights in the city. I have no idea why we even try because this quiz is so so hard. But it is a lot of fun. Tricia and I have both had a lot of shit go down in the past couple years...and even last winter when she got back from the Uk we were both pretty out of it. We both have had some pretty down it felt so good that we were in better places and actually going out! Last week one of the categories was Gone With The Wind novel. Seriously? We just guessed the answers. This week was a category about Yugoslavia. What? We just guessed Kosovo...and any other eastern European thing we could think of. And then a category I thought I would clean up on...the movie Se7en and whoa it was esoteric questions. I did know one question...what were the first three crimes "deadly sins" themes and in exact order. Gluttony, greed and sloth. We didn't come in last this week whoo hoo. We came in third to last so maybe we are on the rise.


Le Gall : Décrypter Le Système Pyramidall said...

J'aime bien ta joie de vivre, ma chérie ! Bonjour de France ! A ta santé. prosit !

Greg S. said...

Stagg looks totally baffled by that last question.

Stagg said...

Stagg thinks the real good German beer baffled him/...or made him believe he knew something !! ???


Anonymous said...

Cheers dear!

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