Wednesday, March 06, 2019

McCarthy Society Loves To Eat!

 We are at SADIES on Eubank in Albuquerque. Left side of table, Stagg, Darryl, Allen, Katherine, Wallis. Right side of table/photo, Richard (from Dublin) Kelly, Rick, Robert. Darryl and Robert are friends of Rick's in Miami. Darryl presented a paper and then both Robert and Darryl are musicians and they joined the Dead Sessions at conference. Sadies was really good Mexican food.

 We are at Route 66 Diner. We all had chicken friend steak. From the left, Rick, Richard, Stagg, me, Allen, Wallis.


Eugene K said...

Nothing says America like chicken fried steak - so good and so bad at the same time. The first time I ever had it was in Hamilton Montana after a car breakdown. East Texas Red and I went to a local fly shop for help and advice. You may remember you and I stopped in there when we drove from Calgary to Toronto. The fly shop guy called the rentacar woman at home and got us set up with a red LTD. Buddy from the fly shop then sent to a little creek called Skalkaho. Remember we camped there? Lovely little stream. The campground was called Black Bear Campground.

Unknown said...
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