Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Supportive Content To A Presentation

You can watch a video I made for a conference last year. I made it at the suggestion of our panel leader to demonstrate some of the ideas I was presenting in a  paper. You will see a lot of chopped images from two movies written by Cormac McCarthy. Plus some other images including an image of an Egyptian goddess, clocks, Dawn dish soap and Hitachi Tv and "magic squares or Sator Squares. The Dawn dish soap adds another motif of the sun, or star to the movie No Country For Old Men. Hitachi means "rising sun." Product history interests me such as Texaco is a star, Dawn dish soap, Heineken beer has a star logo. Heineken means "home rule" so it is locational. I account for locations, navigational or astronomical references in both No Country For Old Men and The Counselor. A Sator Square or "magic square is an artifact that can be read backwards forwards or diagonally. These artifacts were found in Pompeii ruins but a magic square goes way back t the I Ching at least.

Here is my artist site where I have this video posted...HERE

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