Thursday, April 25, 2024

Tuscany...Citta Di Castello

In February, 2024, we were continuing our way part sightseeing...but part going to meet people I was interviewing for my documentary. We met up with an online friend in Citta di Castello taking trains and buses. Tuscany is so much like one imagines from movies and the motifs of Italian restaurants LOL. This medieval city is walled and on the Tiber River. Some have theorized it was the birthplace of the Renaissance...but I'm not sure that's true.
We walked around the walled city one day and along the Tiber River.

This was a main square in the small village/city. We had some great lunches, coffee and walking around here. The region is Umbria and the city along the Tiber was begun in 3 century BC.

Some scenes from the bus we took from Arezzo.

 One of the gates to the walled city.

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