Monday, July 17, 2006

20 Comments Wednesday...late on Monday.

Okay, this is for last Wednesdays 20 Comments. And I've only made it to oops done. This took me over three hours...but I caught up on lots of peoples blogs and that was very relaxing. I am going out the door, to the business district. I'm going to try my ADVICE piece where it might be very funny or a complete disaster. You know, saving the world one investment broker at a time. Later...
The Assimilated Negro
Built To Be Destroyed
Things That Make You Go Hmm
The Assimilated Negro
Mathematical Poetry
Photos In India
Red's Page (I think I put three comments here!)
A Blog About Nowt
Punkin Homer
The Cappicino Kid
Rock It To Me
Peaceful Revolution Leader (warning Abu Ghraib photos)
The Healing Room
Heavy mentalist (she has a hell of a post over there right now, whew)
Watch My Loss
This Blog Sits At The Intersection...
Death Beins In The Colon
How To Save The World
Totally Waisted: Corsetry

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