Monday, December 18, 2006

Soup Kitchen

David and Anita. They both applied to a work volunteer co-op program with the Franciscan Outreach Association. David is from Seattle and Anita is from Germany.I have been bugging David to apply for reality tv show Top Chef. He'd be perfect. "Soup Kitchen Chef"!!!
Junior, studying to be a pastor. One evening I went and got a cup of tea. He came running up and asked "Who said you could have that?" I was like, "oh I'm sorry, I thought I could get a tea". He was "I'm just messing with ya". He's a bit of a shit disturber, funny and very dedicated. I told him, I'm putting your pic on my blog with your nasty tricks.
David, pretending to be a taskmaster and delegating.

Casey, a high school teacher, Vincent and Martin.
Some high school students fulfilling a 30 hour volunteer aspect of their curriculum.

Christina and Junior.
Tom standing below a poster that says "Love is our business".
A long banner is rolled up, but the last point is peeking out and says "Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities." I love that.


thehealingroom said...

Wow Candy,
They all look so delightful.
Makes me want to go work at a Soup Kitchen.
Funny how you used to work at Soup Kitchen in Calgary? Interesting how life can all tie in sometimes.
love and light

Gardenia said...

What a cool way to spend the holidays, but for you this seems to be a lifestyle of serving those who haven't much.

Looks like a lot of fun folks there - I love the Anonymity saying too - the highest principle is love, you always seem to show love in so much you do.

Red said...

Beautiful people doing something truly remarkable.

Pickled Olives said...

Volunteers are beautiful!

Underground Baker said...

Great post Candy - the pic of kids doing their 30 hours is pretty funny. Everyone has that beautific look about them.

felix said...

Just such an effort began some years ago in my town, Chattanooga, TN, with a coalition of churches working out of the parish hall of one church. Staffed by volunteers from the participating churches.

That effort morphed into a non-profit with professional staff providing not only food, but health services and coordinating shelter locations around the city. Wonderful stuff, but the zeal and energy in your pictures, Candy, are hard to sustain in the grind of daily coping. Good for those kids, and their mentors.

Anonymous said...

Felix, hi buddy, aren't they something the energy is right! I am always humbled as soon as I get there. I just get such a lift of spirits and laughing. The program you describe in Chattanooga sounds so cool. Without all the volunteers from churches, plus the work of monks and priests and nuns who have given up a particular kind of social life for service...our whole social structure would probably crumble. All the social programs and food banks and services offered and supporting our ciulture by the churches is outstanding and unmeasured. It would be a much more scary cold world without them.

Healing Room oddly, in one of life's biggest mysteries...doing volunteer work is like giving ONESELF the best gift. And how is it that some of the worlds most suffering people are also the most charitable and altruistic...the mind and soul is very mysterious. Go out and sign up for volunteer work now, you'll feel like a million bucks! Get your kids involved too!

Gardenai, thank you...I always feel liek I don't do enough, and I fall all the time...but somehow that seems to be part of the challenge and reward in learning. Over and over.

Red and Picled Olives and Underground the words of Christina Aguilara "You are beautiful, no matter what they say, words can't bring you down"

Anonymous said...

Happy shiny people, doing good and having a good time doing it! Fantastic post :-)

pjazzypar said...

What a cool work envrironment. People looked genuinely happy to be there! It must be a great place, with awesome folks. The food looks good too! Oh yeah, thanks for the compliment on my photo. I saw Malcolm's photo and decided it was time to stop hiding behind the avatar.

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