Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Canada Boycott Olympics!

Warning, this is a disturbing film. You shouldn't even have to watch this to stop buying products made in China...cookware, clothes, food, toys, building products, tools, computer parts. Put pressure on your retail stores to stop ordering products made in China. Fuck the summer Olympics.

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China has been ruled by fuckwits and lived in by millions of fuckwits for years.

It's amazing how Tianamen (dunno how you spell it) Square has been 'forgotten' by western politicians.

China's rulers are scum far beyond the scum that runs the west.

One day they'll rule the globe. God (or the deity of your choice) help my great great great grandchildren......


I just put it onto Drunk Punk TV 'n all courtesy of yourself.

I don't often cry. Caz came home as I was watching it and heard me sobbing.

Jesus babe. What the fuck are the human race????????????????

Candy Minx said...

I actually felt like a shithead even posting this sad sad awful movie on my blog....like I knew I'd be bumming people out. I almost threw up Four Dinners.

It's not all China's fault...they are selling all oftheir products to us. People will do anything for a cheap deal on tools or toys.

No one asks China to make amends for Tiananmen Square..oh go ahead have the Olympicaps and we'll give you our money to buy a set of plates or a winter coat!

China laughs all the way to the bank at us as we buy their cheap products and don't even ask ourselves...why is this so cheap?

Because it is made without rigorous ethics and laws that we made for Canada, Europe and England.

Wandering Coyote said...

You don't have to convince me, Candy, so I'm not going to watch the movie you posted...I'm a little squeamish. I am actually very anti-Vancouver Olympics as well. I'm reading The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein and she addresses China in there. Shitty, shitty stuff. Instigated by an American, no less.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get through the video either, but don't take that to mean you shouldn't post it.

Gardenia said...

Perhaps there will be enough grass roots underground disgust and rebellion at this kind of stuff that some of us can put a stop to it by refusing to buy the low grade, ("CHEAP" is right) stuff sent to us by this country. I'm not angry at the Chinese people - just the damn corporate global war lords whose god is GREED. I went to Peta and tried to order pamphlets to paste around town in various places here. Slow website - but I'll keep at it. Can't watch that without wanting to do something. Good thing I am not God, I would be sending some mighty big lightning bolts - this almost makes me want to say that animals are better than some humans.

Red said...

The still image is disturbing enough for me, so I won't play the video. China is evil on so many levels, and the sooner people stop putting money and convenience before everything else, the better.

On a similar note, we are watching a show here about the conditions in which broiler chickens are kept, and it is tragic.

But the most infuriating thing for me is that most people know (I mean, how could they not? What fucking planet have they been living on?!?) but turn a blind eye. Why? Because they want to pay as little as possible for their food, and to hell with everything else. But the inhumane conditions in which these birds are kept affect not only the flavour, but also the hygiene of what people put in their mouths. How can food produced in this way be any good for anyone?

People are idiots.

me said...

as part of the drunk punk tv collective, i felt it my civic duty to link to this shocking piece of footage.

set of butchering fuckwits.

Candy Minx said...

Wandering Coyote, I'll try to take a look at Klein's book, I'd like to knowwhat her suggestions about change involve.

L.M. I am surprised that this video has been aroundfor two years and that I've run across quite a few people who hadn't seen this footage or were aware of the issues specific to retail responsibility. On the other hand...I don't think i know anyone who buys new fur clothes.

Gardenia, you're right it isn't China, it is totalitarian farming...greed and consumers who want more and more instead of a few things carefully ethically produced.

Red, probably the one thing people shouldn't be cheap with...is food. I mean it is food, it goes in your body. Cheap meat is wrong any way you look at it common sense wise. Besides, it is often only a small percentage more to buy protein that is organic...from an ethical farm. I've been shopping this way all my life and trust me...it actually isn't that much more expensive to buy good food. Anthony Bourdain said the secret to being a good cook is getting good fresh superior basics...and he should know!

Cappya ,again I am glad you posted this on your music blog...because I am surprised that justthe small group who responded here haven't seen this video and I would have thought we were the target audience. So the more people are aware of unethical practices in China...maybe they will start to put emphasis on production ethics in Europe and Canada?

Red said...

Fur is big in Italy, and I mean MASSIVE. I mean, just look at Fendi, one of the main fashion designers in the country, and they have never made a secret of their passion for fur. Italians love their fashion, and they will buy big-name brands irrespective of whether it is made of Goretex (I wish) or ermin or dog fur.

All the furry hood and sleeve trims in the pretty fashionable winter coats every teenage Italian girl wears are made of dog/cat fur. People are mostly aware of it, I'm sure, but what is the alternative? A naff, man-made fibre coat?! God forbid... (And please, please understand that I am being sarcastic here)

Candy Minx said...

Jesus, Red, I thought Europe was a forerunner of fur ethic awareness. I'm pretty shocked.

I've only been to europe a few times, and my impression was it's utter lack of animals. It was my over riding feeling when on road trip through France and Germany...where are the animals and big trees/ of course, theanimals were all killed.

So I thought the genocide of all animal life in europe had inspired awareness and conservation...I am sorry to hear differently.

I almost never see anyone wearing fur...so it's such a strange concept to me...and look I'm Canadian, we need fur clothes sometimes...I eat animals. Fur is the most best superior protection for a northern Canadian climate. But...excuse me...it's about excess and fair treatment.

Doesn't our food deserve a great life before we eat it?

Cynnie said...

I grew up on a farm..we killed chickens and pigs..
I've killed animals...its food.

but anytime it becomes a business..it's more likely to get abusive..

tweetey30 said...

These poor animals.. I hate people that kill that way. I mean sure we have beef and chicken and bacon and such but that is in a way that they know what they are doing. But this is piss poor cruelty. I hope we as Americans can do something about this.

Red said...

Thought you might be interested in this...


Candy Minx said...

Cynnie I really lie hearing about other peopel's experience living andworking on a farm. It was my very positive experiences with our family ranch that really kicked me in the ass about farming and economy when I was growing up. Have you ever read William Kittridege? He used to be a Montannna rancher but since has written about wildlife..."Montanna: The Last Best Place".

Tweetey, it takes a bit of research and work to find a grocery store that investigates and chooses where it gets it's food from...but it is possible to do. More major grocery stores are competing with health food stores, organic suppliers and Whole Foods in America trying to offer organic, free range proteins and vegies for customers. We bought a beautiful whole "ethical" chicken at Whole Foods the other day for the exact same price as a common grocery store...Whole Foods is competing too...which is good for all of us.

Red, thanks...I'm going to try to write up something about chicken in a day or so...great article.

Anonymous said...

oh dear. I really want to vomit. I had no idea, NO IDEA, well, maybe a little itty bitty idea, but, ugh, I feel so stupid. I have spouted certified humane meat and dairy for the last four years its been around, I have stopped shopping at Wal-mart, don't buy made in china labels and yet, it still doesn't seem enough. And yes, the hoodie with the "fur" lining I bought for daughter is man made fiber because I can't buy fur for a child. And its a hoodie. But I still bought it. shaking head sadly.

* (asterisk) said...

I'd heard about this but had never seen it. I watched it with the sound down, but it is just disgusting. I just don't understand how people (if you can call them that) can be such cunts. yeah, money, that's why.

And to respond to Gardenia, I've long know animals are better than most humans. We are a wantonly destructive and stupid species, for all our "achievements".

Cunts. Did I mention that?

It's ... uh ... just disgusting. China is a shithole of a place.

Candy Minx said...

My Reflecting Pool, thanks for your perspective and stopping by! It is so sickening isn't it. Well, I like fake fur...and I don't think there is anything wrong with fake fur...I don't think it makes people buy real fur. Fake fur on your daughters hoodie is an opportunity for you both to talk about animal ethics...and how her hoodie is liekart work and movies...based on imagination. Not real harm to animals....so don't feel guilty. Fake fur is a great choice!

*, Yes Gardenia is right...other animals are better than us. Yep, people will make all kinds of non-compassionate decisions in order to make money...it is a very difficult thing. Another thing that is a weird aspect to this...is Europe and Canada used to use all these unethical decisions too...before laws began to protect compassion for animals, hate crimes, pollution. The communists in the world see us as decadent and corrupt too...and resent us demanding they practice our kind CONTEMPORARY ethics (we didn't used to practice ethics in hunting or food production) as arrogant. So we have quite a communication problem...

But money talks!

sp said...

Red directed me here and although I did not watch the video I am glad you posted it. It is important for people to know how abused animals are in the world.
I am well aware of China and its relationship to the fur industry since it is my biggest concern when it comes to animal welfare issues.
There is a film call "The Witness" which is mostly about the construction worker/activist Eddie Lama but it focuses on the cruelty of the fur industry. The images from that film are burned in my memory forever and it was enough for me. It inspired me to make a film "Pe(L)ts" questioning why we call some animals pets and some pelts? I think we need to ask ourselves this whenever we purchase something that is derived from an animal.

me said...

you not heard about the horse farm in the british news then?

check this out

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