Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Slipper?

SWEET! Now this is my kind of style...but are they soft and warm and quiet? Made in U.S.A. $29.95 Actually I never wear slippers almost always bare feet...if I get cold I put on socks but this past week I wished I had some kind of thick padded protection on the hardwood floors and something styling. We went out looking for slippers tonight and everything we saw..."Made in China". At one point a sales rep asked me, "Why can't it be made in China?". I was very happy to tell her exactly why. I think I left her all depressed and without a sale...So tonight I thought I'd see if anybody in Canada or U.S.A. was making slippers...saving on transportation-good for the environment...and avoiding giving money to a country with seriously compromised ethics. Here is what I found so far...

Made in Canada, $59.00.

Isn't there something that lies between these two extremes...warm sexy and soft? Apparently not. In order for slippers to be soft on the feet they seen to be ugly...

Made in Canada. What is the obsession with this brown colour for slippers? Can't they get dyed a vibrant colour? $82.00 Cdn.

Almost as ugly as "Uggs"...$52.00.

Baby caca coloured slippers...but kind of cute if you're an elf...$79.95.

Well this is not least the colour is getting there...Purple suede slippers lined with fleece. $33.95.

I actually think these are funny, even affectionate...I might go for these...sock monkeys for me, stags for Stagg? Only $24.95 but waiting to find out if they are Made in U.S.A. or not? What are the chances they are made out of organic cotton or wool?


Red said...

Haha! I can just picture the conversation about products made in China between you and the uninformed shop assistant!

My slippers are not in the least bit sexy, but they are warm and comfortable. And made in Spain!

Actually, Gr├╝nland, the makers of my slippers, have a really nice collection. Check it out!

Candy Minx said...

Thanks Red! The poor woman at the show store...I was trying to be really gentle too...but seriously, I think I ruined her day. Yes, I know...slippers are a special realm of comfort and protection rather than the cfm variety of bedroom footwear...actually I love slippers that are like big animal feet too!

tweetey30 said...

I never wore slippers before I got pregnant with Kora but after getting pregnant with her I had to have something between my feet and the floor.. And now seven years later I love having slippers on. Except for sitting at the desk because I pull my legs up on the chair with me.. Yes I sit cross legged at the desk. On the chair.. I only paid like 7 dollars for the pair I have now. I will post a photo of them later maybe.


The day I wear slippers is the day I will have died and nobody told me.

I am not Grandpa Simpson. Yet. ;-)

Jena said...

There are some very cool sheepskin slippers at Check out their Princess Slippers. All incredibly soft with liners that can be replaces. They're made by the couple that own the store (so they are slippers made in the USA). I've known about this place for years and just recently they were mentioned in Sunset magazine .Sweet.

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