Saturday, May 29, 2010

Housework: Part 24

Dust is the fine remains of dead energy and it's accumulation contributes to the stagnation of your own life.
From Apartment Therapy: The Cure

I've been doing mad housework this last few days. As you know i get a little obsessive about organizing any living space I'm in. It's a curse and I know it's hell to live with...Stagg is easy going and doesn't notice housework. And me...I am always seeking new ways to make a place more organized. I've ordered the book pictured above from the library. It's an 8 week exercise with personal questions and exercises and then a ground plan for "curing" your apartment. I've done a lot of good things in our apartment to make it more comfortable and functional...but there is still something wrong. I still feel a little claustrophobic and like it's very difficult to clean.

In getting ready for this book of exercises I've just done some regular housework. I actually enjoy doing housework and I washed the cupboards in the kitchen and the dining room floors and kitchen floor and organized my computer desk. I also knew that something had to be done with the bedroom. Stagg owns a lot of things, from clothes to hats to art work and archives. a quick fix sort of way...we put a lot of his artwork under the bed and behind the furniture in the bedroom. And we stored the "leaf" for the dining table under the bed too and a suitcase. Seemed like a great use of space and time management. Add two years.

You can't actually properly clean a room that has storage on the floor under least you can't clean it easily. So...I took all the art and stuff out from behind my dresser, from behind bedstands and from under the bed. I dragged it into the studio and dusted it all off. Wow, you would not believe the dust. And then slowly moved all the furniture around to clean the floors and sweep and then wash the room down. When I walk into the bedroom now I hear angels singing!

So now we had to find some place to put the stuff that used to be under the bed etc. No way is it going back in there! Today we moved stuff to a storage room we have downstairs. We took everything we didn't love out to the back alley and most of it will be salvaged by this afternoon. The only thing in our storage now is Stagg's archived art work and two suitcases, and holiday ornaments.

Now...this book "Apartment Therapy: The Cure" looks really heavy. I've had a few passages read out loud by my daughter who is also going to work through the 8-week set of exercises with me. I did so much work on this place after we got married...but I believe in lifelong learning...and I think maybe we could make this apartment even more comfortable. One thing is...I finally confessed to Stagg that I hate our kitchen table set. I felt horrible as it was a gift from his parents...but it really depresses me. it's "country style"...and burdonsome and just not sexy. So...we discussed selling it on Craigslist a couple years maybe we might do that. I just feel good that I got that off my chest because I've been feeling guilty about it for like, three years.

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Gardenia said...

Oh boy. Its seems the cure is get rid of stuff, huh? Clutter (even unseen clutter - under the bed stuff) stifles my soul. Like you, I'm on a constant war against the stuff. I have a friend who is clutter free - she even has her husband's area decluttered. She informs me that one must have no mercy. Oh dear, mercy is my gift.
Also for me part of the equation is buying some shelves and there never seems to be money for them - and a unit to store canvases. I'm seriously considering taking ALLLL the tack-ons off the fridge! Your daughter has your giftings, hmm?

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