Saturday, June 16, 2012


 We had a great visit with the family at Rehearsal Dinner for Stagg's sister Kathy. There they are on alter thingie (its a church I'm lucky I didn't sizzle up and die when I walked in the door I don't know what these things are called being a pagan)
 There is Stag and behind him on the bench is his parents.
 Stagg's Aunt Judy and Cousin Linda.
 The Groom Staashu mum and nephew and niece.

 Kathy and her Aunt Judy.
 Dum dum dee dum....
 Out for pizza afterwards...yum! Stagg and Best Woman Donna and Best Man John (see I'm making sure here I remember their names)
Aww...there is Kathy aka Toots and Stan aka Staashu

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