Saturday, October 28, 2017

Odd Jobs

 What does it mean to be a personal assistant?
Sometimes during the the outline of what a client wants to complete or achieve....we need to look at their environment. Why are they struggling to focus or complete tasks? Sometimes we get down to our boxers with a face mask!!!
Sometimes it means hanging out in a work space and cleaning everything. I have so many clients who suffer from allergies and sinus problems. Did you know that when a renovation happens often no one cleans after each aspect of the work? That's right, no one vacuums or cleans after painting, or sanding, or building. All that dust might be sitting in your crown molding. Our crews will vacuum it. Our crew will set up an office space or home office, or work environment so it becomes a blank slate. Thats kind of awesome.
If you are trying to take your life and your work or art up to a different notch...send me a message. We can do major things for you. Or if you just want to feel like you have a person who can talk to you about what details can make your home or office more efficient or comfortable or productive...message me. We can "adjust your set point."

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