Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Favourite Hang-Out Gave Me A Surprise!

Yes, this is another one of those posts where Candy takes a flash photo inside the public toilet stall. Check out that grafitti.


Timmer said...

You find interesting places to hang out at. I was at the Drake Hotel on Queen St. for the first time on Saturday. It is kind of cool, too bag I didn't think to bring my camera along though.

Wandering Coyote said...

You seem to have a fascinating with graffiti. I've never really given it a second look, always thinking it's just vandalism and not worthy of notice. What about it intrigues you?

felix said...

Ah, grafitti in the pissoir. I have my own example, taken of the men's room of the Stone Lion Tavern, in Chattanooga, TN, sadly since closed. A work of multi-sensory art to an exponential degree, if you take my meaning.


Your example is much higher class. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Tim, this is an old joint in Toronto...I've been going there 20 years if a day. They started out 24 hrs at Bloor and Bathurst now for last 15 at College and Bathurst. Some of my favourite nachos YUM! The entire basement used to be like this right up through the actual washrooms. The grafitti lined rooms are all the hallways leading to the public washrooms. My big surprise was the beige renovations! We almost fell in the toilet!

Wandering Coyote....yes, I do love grafitti. I love public FREE art. I wish we allowed to apint all over the walls of a city. I just think it's so cool...and it reinvents itself and mutates and goes through phases. Granted, a lot of grafitti is "tagging" where a person creates a moniker or coded word with layers of personal or gang meaning...and stylizes the letters tovarious degrees.... Most of the time we see bare felt pens marking someones name. The more experienced inspired tags end up like monolithic giant words difficult to read by the "square". A seasoned street and urban savant will be able to differentiate the letters and words.

Alonfe the tags are boring...but all bunched up like this and layers of them becoming a kind of wallpaper I find quite beautiful. Much has been said that the tag represents the primal urge of identity in an alienated world...maybe but it's also like carving a sentiment on a hope it grows with the years...?

I love the all out paintings of really cool good grafitti artists and humourous messages or political messages.

One favourite peiece of scribble was on the Queen Street East area for years "the only feminine protection a woman needs is a Smith and Wesson". Tight. Word.

Felix...hi my dear! Good to see you...I am off to check out your photos thanks!