Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Six Chicks With Picks

I haven't been this scared watching a movie since being at adrive-in watching Alien for the first time. The Descent is so well done and so cool and scary and uncompromising in it's lack of conforming to a traditional set of good and bad characters that the mind fuck is complete. Set in an Appalcian cave with female splunkers attempting to out estrogen each other no vagina is left unturned. The cave itself is the Earth's womb, one hiker breaks a leg and is in a childbirth delivery position with the others setting her leg poised like midwives. Bowls of blood, the cave is one ruthless menstration hut. After about an hour I had chest pains and a sore throat from screaming. So much fun. The extras on now on my top ten list of best dvd extras ever. The cast jokingly acknowledges the vaginal horror of the cave. The director,my new hero, says he was inspired by a combination of Deliverance, The Shining and___________. Rent it if you love claustrophobia.


Karen said...

I had never heard of The Descent until my brother dragged me to it one afternoon. It was not bad! Not really scary but led to some good discussion afterwards.

* (asterisk) said...

Y'know, I really hated The Descent so badly. Oh well!

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