Sunday, April 23, 2006

Minx corners bunny

There are rabbits all over the place in Chicago. I was so surprised and I am obsessed with them. I've been known to stay up all night watching and following racoons in Toronto, or waking up at 4 a.m. to watch eagles hunting in kelp beds in British Columbia. Last night we came home and in our courtyard was a mom rabbit and her baby who she was nursing. She trotted off, then we stood there for ages watching the baby and mom. Until Stagg asked "how long do we keep looking?" And I was okay, lets go. But today a neighbour was outside chasing cats away from the baby rabbit when I got back from picking up coffee. I want to save the bunny.

Then this afternoon, as we were going for groceries I found the baby again. And you know, made Stagg run back upstairs to get the camera. I'm so worried about cats and coyotes getting this bunny.

This is my sasquatch bunny photo. I've seena sasquatch as a matter of fact, on the highway between Kitimat and Terrace. They go for soaks in the natural hotsprings.

Okay, well I could have not shown this picture, this is where I expose myself as a complete asshole. I feel terrible poor frightened bunny. If the cat wasn't bad enough.


K said...


mister anchovy said...

As I recall, you have a track record with bunnies and wristwatches....hahaha....

T.A.N. said...

where is this realm of rabbits? what town is this that you live in? In NYC we don't have rabbits, we have trash ...trash rarely looks cute. And the trash isn't pensive, or cowering, it's rather aggressive.

Candy Minx said...

Hi TAN, thanks for dropping by.These rabbits are in Chicago, but trust me, there are rats here too. Large ones that hang around some of the public transit stops yikes. apparently these rabbits eat a lot of trees. Expensive oens too in the new park with heritage plants the rabbits downtown are eating up public gardens. Chicago also has a lot of coyotes which like to eat rabbits. I haven'tseen any raccoons here yet. Lots of raccoons in Toronto. They help keep the rat population down.

I don't know where momma rabbit went d34dpuppy. Haven't seen any rabbits yesterday and I was looking.

rauf said...

unchecked rabbit growth can damage the vegetation. i was told they chew up the telephone lines too.
there is a natural balance in a forest Candy, they have nowhere to go if we encroach their habitat.
Here in chennai city is spreading into the agricultural land. Its happening everywhere.

Matthew Celestine said...

That is a baby rabbit?

It does look smaller than the one's I see in England.

Candy Minx said...

Yes D.F. that is a very young rabbit. The bricks help showcase his size. I still feel bad about scaring him, he is probably looking forward toa more fair fight with a cat!

Thanks for stopping by D.F. I got quite a kick out of your blog.

Rauf, yes, the urban jungle has all kinds of pros and cons. In Torotno Canada 140 raccoons were counted ina square kilometer. Usually they live about 4 to a kilometer in the wild. But I think they help keep rat populations down. I imagine the rabbits do that here in Chicago too. I seem to recall reading that two rodents won't share territory....? I should google that.

And yes one time my pet rabbit, Alchemy, got stuck in a wristwatch a little like Alice In Wonderland and his eyes were popping out, we had used a small wristwatch as a collar for him to go for walks outside ona leash...oops...but we all recovered.

S.M. Elliott said...

Awww...there is nothing as cute on earth as a shy li'l bunny.

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