Monday, April 17, 2006

One Bad Beaver Don't Spoil The Whole Bunch Girl!

I've been following a blog that started the same time as I started my blog, she's super funny, and who would guess some grumpy Canucks found her. I thought my Canadian gal pals stopping by here might like to see what it looks like when you lose your humour and your tolerance while defending tolerance.

I am living Paiges life in NY vacariously as a reminder of when I used to hang in NYC when I was her age. Shit, I wish I was half as smart and talented as Paige is. She wrote a delicious article on Paltrow the other day. You should read it. Here...she really nailed Paltrows public image.


rauf said...

Why should you be as smart or talented as any one Candy ? You are yourself with your own mind personality imagination and talent in expressing yourself which I find very unique and fluid. You express yourself very well Candy which is a talent in itself.

Liked Paltrow in seven more than Sp in love.

Candy Minx said...

Oh that is so nice Rauf. I think paltrow is an excellent actor, but I like to hear about persona people project. And I think she does come off as a goody two shoes.

Really though, I find younger generation so much smarter, am I really alone in that? Even little children seem so intelligent and savvy these days. I love talking to young people to get their perspective on the world, politics, news,glamour. For instance on the tv show Real Housewives of Orange County, the moms are getting botox injections, right in the kitchen, and their kids are so disgusted and don't believe in cosmetic surgery. (well of course they don't heh heh, they are young) But it was fun to watch the kids dismiss elective surgery. A relief actually.

I like reading Paige's notes because she is so organized and thoughtful. When I was in NYC at her age we just used to dance every night and party and party. Write an essay? Yeah at the last minute for university...the night before! It was all about my friends and art.

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