Friday, September 15, 2006

A Friendly Reminder About Our Embarassing Leader!

Let's Get Rid of this Backward Bigot! Who voted for this nimrod in the first place?

"The establishment came down with a constitutional package which they put to a national referendum. The package included distinct society status for Quebec and some other changes, including some that would just horrify you, putting universal Medicare in our constitution, and feminist rights, and a whole bunch of other things."
- Conservative leader Stephen Harper, then vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition, in a June 1997 Montreal meeting of the Council for National Policy, a right-wing American think tank.

Anti-Gay Rights
Gun Registry dissolver
10 Reasons he shouldn't have been elected in the first place!


Red said...

I am woefully ignorant of Canadian politics (mea culpa), but a quick look at the 10 Reasons he shouldn't have been elected is enough to make my eyes pop wide open at this ungodly hour (7.28am... not too early, I know. But on a Saturday?!? What am I doing up?)

Candy Minx said...

I don't know why you're up so early on a Saturday, but here I am up at 5:13! I just popped awake.

I should have likely written some kind of explanation why the good people of Cananda would elect this duffus...I think mainly he was lucky. There was some disillusion with the previous P.M. And Harper was taught to stop talking about his opinion of women and gays. They say the voter has a six month people merely forgot his stance on women's rights...or as Harper would say..."feminists rights" and his anti-gay stance. There was a school shooting last week, 19 people wounded, one young woman killed, in Montreal. Meanwhile, Harpers government wants to scrap gun registry...

Wandering Coyote said...

Not to mention he's turning into a fucking dictator. Don't get me started. And I didn't vote for the guy, BTW.

Gardenia said...

you must have watched his speech yesterday! Yeh -

Anonymous said...

The subject line of your post made me think of my own embarassing leader - George Dubya. Ugh. :(

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