Friday, September 01, 2006

Search words that led people to here...

transformative sasquatch
haida turtle
i walk the line chris daltrey
how do you know if you have low blood sugar
giordano memory
danny mansmith
Keifer Sutherland Stand By Me bloopers
IKEA dog catalogue controversy
deadwood transcripts
Markos Moulitas Zuniga
treadmill, utube
utube treadmill
utube treadmill
beach picture from Spain
masterbation a history


Karen said...

Masterbation a history? Transformative sasquatch? Ha ha ha ha ha. That's hilarious. Oh wait...I wonder what would happen if I googled history of masterbating sasquatches? Tempting but no. I can't do it.

Candy Minx said...

I might google that, it's probably out there...the whole world of sasquatch hunting is pretty interesting and funny. (I saw a sasquatch once...on the road between Terrace and Kitimat)

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