Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm Coming Out I Want The World To Know I've Got To Let It Show!

All right! I cracked 50,000 mark in Technorati. Above is a new photo of my portrait of Guy Kawasaki. (without the flash!) Yep, I put it back on eBay. I'm not giving up. I think this painting is of special interest because it represents relationships on the internet and between bloggers. I think someone intensely aware of their culture and massively intelligent will buy this painting. It is really pretty in person too. And I think an incredibly fair price. 250 bucks and it took me two weeks to paint it. I insist that art be affordable to the public. Fuck elitism. My technorati rank is at 44, 816. Guy Kawasaki's rank is at 46.

Some things about popular blogs and the ranking game...
Technorati's Most Popular Blogs

What makes a blog popular?

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mister anchovy said...

I'm scared to read the what makes a blog popular link..... for me, though, Radmila's post about Ikea sure helped. Now, instead of Johnny Cash finger being the most popular search term, Ikea Dog Controversy rules, and my hit count has gone bananas.

mister anchovy said...

By the way, great painting. Somebody shoud give you double the asking price.

* (asterisk) said...

Kawasaki himelf should buy it, especially since he gets to choose which charity half the proceeds go to. Drop him a line, girl, and suggest it.

* (asterisk) said...

I'm at 55,971 on Technorati, whatever that means.

Candy Minx said...

Actually, Mister Anchovy....I didn't read the "what makes a blog popular either". I linked it because I think I'm funny. I can't even reember what it was now...I just googled it and linked the first thing that popped up. The other two links I did read because I was trying to find something that linked Kawasaki so I didn't have to.

Asterisk, trust me, I know what your technorati rank is. hee hee. I check up on everybody because I AM A GEEK! And not only did I write Kawasaki, I occassionally comment on his blog. I say things like "I am kicking your ass Kawasaki" And I've commented what state my rank is about once a month. I also said I would donate half the sales. And I believe I said something like "I wish I'd painted Arriana Huffington" (She has a blog in the top ten) with the idea that her popular blog would have sold the paintig by now. Kawasaki buy the painting? Well, yeah, that would be okay. But I never thought of him as the target audience of the painting. Not that I had a hardcore idea of who WOULD buy a portrait of a stranger...? I half imagined some business office would buy it. Maybe like a blog company. I don't usually paint portraits and I sure don't paint thinking about who a target audience might be.

The thing is, the few people that buy art are looking for "investment value". For 0.5 percent of art has investment value...buyers want a curator, or art dealer to sconvince them why they shoud pick one piece of art over another. A small trend is slaves, er ah, the proletariat, er ah the lackeys get together, get an art dealer and then risk the investment. Not even ever being able to live with the art!

Which leads me to wonder...what the hell are we thinking? And how to price art considering that?

0.5 percent of art raises in value from original point of purchase. I wonder how many art dealers tell their clients that huh?

So really...people should just buy art because they feel passionate and like it. DUH!

And they want to open themselves up to a transformative, sublime surrender by looking at art they love in their own homes!

As Dali said, "I am drugs!"


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