Monday, March 09, 2009

Get Your Leather On

Here is a homemade animated video on Tutube, I thought this was pretty cute. The video artist used Iclone Animation Software.

Three years after they nearly imploded,Yeah Yeah Yeahs brave self-doubt, isolation, and possible decapitation at the hands of Mexican druglords to reinvent themselves and create a dance-rock gem. SPIN magazine apparently said there are a large amount of fans for this band in Toronto. Stagg read this, but I haven't been able to find which issue. I didn't even notice that...but Stagg teases me because "of course you are going to like this band, you're from Toronto goth"...

Stereogum reviews their new video Zero When we prematurely praised It's Blitz!, we noted Karen O sounds more commanding than ever. The retooled instrumentation (icy and fuzzed analog synthesizers, skittering electronic beats) puts her square in the spotlight -- a radio-ready post-punk diva, or whatever -- and it works. The Barney Clay-directed video for first single "Zero" makes good use of this idea. O's joined by the guys here and there, but this late-night dance is all about her. Wisely, even as O mints her rock star status, she maintains the sort of awkwardness that's always humanized her (and her band). See, for instance, her interactions with passersby. As she noted to Spinner, "It's the underdogs, the rebels, the outsiders that have always captivated me growing up so I decided why not flaunt that side of myself in the video." She's also flaunting the Chrissie Hynde side of herself.

Click on the yellowed text of Stereogum to see a crisp version of the REAL OFFICIAL video. What I like about this video is how she is anticipating going "on stage" and it's quite clever because...going out to club or party...and getting one's gear on really feels like that. I used to know a few goth friends who wouldn't even go to the corner store without being fully geared up. Don't underestimate a club bunny or goth, it's hard work looking that good.

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